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Recurrent Fevers


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Does anyone else have recurrent fevers? I get them every 3-4 months, low grade 99-100, just enough to make me feel awful. My doctor gave me a prescription for Zithromax, which does the job. I posted under the "ask the experts" to see if they can give me any insight into this. Do you think this is a common occurrence with LC? Anyone else go thru this?


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Mark has been having fever on and off for a while. They really don't know what it is from. They have him on antibiotics as a precaution for the fever.They are doing blood work, looking for an infection. The other night it was 103..They are giving him Flagyl IV, and the fever has gone down to 100.1..I hope this helps a bit..Sorry to hear you are not feeling well.

Prayers and hugs!!

Donna :wink:

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I went thru periods of a low grade temp off and on for several months. Never knew why. If it got to 100.5-101 I would call the Dr and get zithro also. Usually it was just 99-100. Enough to make me miserable, and I hated it when it would break and I was clammy.

I have not had one now for about a yr.

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Alan has that same problem, I know he gets sick of me sticking the thermomter in his mouth, but I know if his fever is over 100.4 for 24 hours we call the dr. never reaches that it is just enough to make him feel "yucky"


Husband Alan DX small cell lung cancer Jan 10th 2005

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