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Another bump in the road


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Hi All,

Randy was readmitted to the hospital on Friday because he developed a massive infection in the groin. They did emergancy surgery on Saturday morning and are giving him antibiotics to fight the infection. So on top of all the issues with the blood clots, he now will not be able to take his chemo treatment for another 2 or even 3 weeks depending on how he responds. He only has had one dose so far. How this will impact him and the cancer is uncertain.

I feel like this a major set back for us. He really has not been able to be out of bed for two months now and that worries me also. I want for him to be able to do what he needs to do and wants to do. Will he ever get his strength back enough to be up and around?

Thanks for always being here and giving good advise. I am not sure what to expect anymore. It feels like about the time we make a plan to do something, something else raises it's ugly head and says, no way, not going to let it happen. I get so mad. I just want for him to feel good for a while. It has been too long since he has had a good day and I feel like I am losing alittle more of him each day.

I really do believe that God is watching over us, but I am only human. I am thankful for each morning I wake up and know I still have him here. I am sorry we are all walking this awful journey together, but that is what we are good at. Walking together and giving support. And always having faith and hope that we will win this battle.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Love to all. My prayers are with each of you even if I don't respond to each message. Know I am thinking of you and praying for you also.

In His Grip,


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Shirley, hope Randy has a speedy recovery from all that. Lucie had had two chemo treatments and some radiation when she was hospitalized three times in December for infection, the last was all invasive in her body. She was in ICU for 5 days and then another week in regular room. I finally got her home and it was a total of about a month before she continued the radiation program and about two months before she was able to start the chemo again. She faired well. So take hope. Don

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Shirley, I understand what your saying when you talk about how you want your husband to feel good. My boyfriend has felt bad now for 3 months and all he does is sleep, he keeps telling me he just wishes he could feel good enough to do something. He has no engery at all. Its like his whole body has been zapped! But I have to believe that he will feel better!!! He wants us to go cat fishing some night. I just pray that we will have a night together so that he can do this. I too get angry at this disease!! Its hard not to!! I mean just watching the person you love most go through this is so hard. I know I feel so helpless at times and I'm sure many others do too!!

This is an awful journey we have to go through! and I too am thankful for every minute we have left together. I try to spend every minute I can with Darrell when hes not sleeping. Is so important to me to be there for him!! I will also pray a special prayer that your husband will be able to get treatment soon, and that he will regain his strength!!!

This site is a great source and a very comforting place to come when you are feeling down. There are so many great people on this message board that really offers their support and this site allows us to vent so many of our emotions that not many people would understand..Whether it be anger, tears, sadness, etc... I'm so thankful for this site!!!!!!!!!

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O No! Shirley I am so sorry. I know spending more time in the hospital was the last thing that Randy wants to do !!. Is he on west hall again? I hope he gets over this quick. Donna

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Dear Shirley,

I was unhappy to hear that Randy has had more setbacks. I'm hoping the journey smooths out for you guys and that he is able to get back on track with treatments. This is the place to safely share your angst and to get support. Saying a prayer for Randy.

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Shirley & Randy,

For Randy's strength and infection. Has his onc given him procrit (RBC) or neulasta (WBC). These shots really do help.

I will keep you both in my prayers......

God Bless and praying for a "CURE"



Dx'd 3-03 NSCLC 3ab

3-25-03 to 5-15-03 radiation

4-01-03 to 5-20-03 taxol/carbo

7-23-03 taxol/carbo (every 3 wks)

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