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Safely home


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You guys,

We missed you and we love you.

I will post some gory details tomorrow.

We got home at about 8:30 tonight (Monday).

Flights were smooth.

Had I known how very very ill Brian is we would have never left. I am sure that even the doc would have never encouraged us to 'make some good memories' had he been fully aware of Brian's state.

Brian spent most of the 5 days not knowing what was going on. Now that we are here we will have to understand if this is cancer related, or medicine related or ????????????????

We spent amost all of our time in Florida in our rented condo. Brian was able to attend part of the rehearsal dinner and the wedding ceremony. The rest of the time he was desparatly ill and in bed.

He has more grit and determination that anyone I know. Everyone was so wonderful to us and my sons and my sister were all that kept me sane.

I prayed my a** off and our God kept us safely.

I am so scared that 'my Brian' will never be back.

More tomorrow.

Thanks for caring about us!

I will read posts tomorrow.



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Oh Pat... I am so glad you are safely home, but so sorry that Brian is so sick. I can relate to the fear of never having your Brian back... and I hurt for you. I am going to hold onto hope that it's just his system adjusting to the medications.

I'm also going to say--each day, even more... Look for the Brian flashes--whether they come almost like normal or just in little moments... look for them and grab onto them. They will comfort you now, and they will comfort you later.

With you in this in prayer and love...


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Ditto exactly what Val said. Jana and I were constantly looking for 'Mum moments', as she really wasn't herself in the last couple of months. As Val said, those moments will bring you great comfort now, and help to sustain you later.

My thoughts are with you both. I hope that Brian will feel more comfortable now that he is back in familiar surrounds.

Love to you both,


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Oh, Pat honey....

I'm sorry Brian didn't have the strength to really enjoy this wedding trip....but I'm glad he was at least able to make it to the wedding. You, too.

I will hope that now that you're home, he might rally a bit...feel a little better, stronger. Do keep us advised as to how he's doing.

Know that we all hold you gently in our hearts...hoping for some better news now that you're back home.

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I'm so glad that you and Brian are safely back home. Hopefully familiar surroundings will help Brian adjust a little better. I remember the times when Jim didn't know where we were and he didn't know if it was 3:00am or 3:00pm. Those were scary and sad times. But, he was still there, I just had to look a little harder sometimes.

Did I tell you that one time I walked in the room and he was trying to break a stoneware coaster in two, with all his might. When asked if he knew what he was doing, he told me that "yes, he knew what he was doing, he needed the two pieces for the project he was working on". Okay, silly me! I was worried, but I knew he wasn't hurting himself, so I just needed to stay a little closer.

Bask in Brian's smiles because I know they are filled with his tremendous love for you. I wish I could give you a great big, long, gentle hug.

I know you are exhausted. Breathe......

With much love,


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Pat, thank God you made the trip safely and are back with us. I am so sorry that Brian didn't have the strength he needed to really enjoy this special occasion. I know this must have been very hard for you. I know how upsetting the confusion can be. We so want them to be alright but there are times we're just not on the same page. I am saying prayers!

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