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I did not get all good news from the CT scans Friday. The lung and pericardium are stable and still in remission. Unfortunately they found a spot behind my right eye that does not look good. Will have an MRI tomorrow morning to see if there are more mets or if that is the only one. then will see the rad doc Thur. I hadn't been feeling all that great lately so was not surprised but still very disappointed. God, our rock is still there for us giving us strength with this tough news and He will always provide what we need. He is the creator and knows exactly what we need, not what we want always but what we need. One very exciting thing in our lives is that for the firstime we will become grandparents. Our daughter and her husband are expecting next May. We are very excited. My granny, who is 98, hopes to still be around then to see her first great-great grandbaby. appreciate all of you so much and I continue each night to name many of you by name in my prayers. It may be your email name or for your parents or in-laws but I continue to lift you up to the Father. pammie

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thanks, pammie. you always remind me of my beloved aunt who died in 1993, in a very warm and lovely way. I'm sorry you have that scan to worry about, but I will say a prayer for you and I am certain it's nothing you can't handle!

hang in there,



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I just want you to know that I will be praying for you when you go for your MRI tomorrow and will be thinking of you as you go for your appointment with the radition doc. Let us know how everything turns out. A future grandchild on the way is something to truly look forward to . Will be waiting for the results of your MRI and doctor visit. Be sure to keep us informed.

Love and prayers,


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I had 3 brain lesions treated by stereotactic radiation. Two are gone and the third we're hoping will be gone soon. (Doctor sys sometimes before they die, they actually grow).

The procedure was virtually painless with no side effects, except numbness to the head for a few weeks. I think that's on purpose, the result of long lasting anestetic. All was done in one day and I went home that evening feeling fine.

My prayers are with you.


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