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Slot machine pass please


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Your cookbooks were shipped off today, so I will take the slot machine pass please :) We are heading to Vegas tomorrow through Fri so that I can earn money for in-vitro, and a plane ticket to Russia for adoption in case in-vitro does not work. :P

And yes, I WILL hold my breath waiting to win, sometimes it is so hard to breathe in those casinos with the smoke when you have allergies ; )

I hope to return home to more orders. My dad needs the exercise. Princess Out of Shape Chubbo (that's me) thinks she pulled something yest with the lifting on the flank/stomach area. So my nice daddy heard I was going to the post office today to ship, headed over, refused to let me lift, and loaded everything into the car while I petted his travel companion (doggie Buddy) and then into the post office :lol: The man behind the counter was impressed. Also dismayed that he had to carry it all to the back. Heehee.

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Ok Andrea...here's the deal. I'll give you the slot machine pass if you promise not to try to use it in the slots when you lose all your money. I hope you win but you do realize it's 000 right? :lol:

I can't wait to get my cookbooks-- thank your dad for all his help.

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Have fun Andrea, I hope you do come back a winner. But if not you are always a winner with us. You are so special.

Enjoy, but if you start to lose, remember most likely you will not win if you keep putting out money to try to make up for your losses.

Use the pool and sauna's. Go to a show, have fun.

Maryanne :wink:

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Oh, Andrea! I'm crossing my fingers, toes and all sorts of other body parts in hopes that you win lots of money! I hope your're fine and didn't pull something too severely! Please let us know just how big your winnings are!

PS....Can't wait to get my cookbooks!!!

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