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Whole Brain Radiation side effects


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My mom started her radiation to her brain yesterday. She has had two treatments. She really seems tired. She has slept most of the time. I dont know if this is a side effect or because she was in the hospital all weekend. She also seems to have some balance issues. She also seems to be out in leftfield some of the time- meaning she's awake but out of it. Does this sound right or is this more bad news?

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It would really be helpful if you would post a bio for your mom, like most of us have at the end of our post. Like when she was diagnosed, what type of l.c. she has, treatments she's had and when, etc.

It's very difficult to answer this question...because there isn't enough info. But all by itself, two days of brain radiation only should not be causing any symptoms. If she's having the radiation because of brain mets (and not as preventative radiation) then the mets may be causing some of her symptoms. So, too, could chemo.

If you'll fill in a bio for your mom it will be very helpful. I just completed 13 days of brain radiation AND I'm undergoing chemo too...so I'm tired and my balance is a bit off...but nobody's told me yet that I'm out in left field. :wink:

Perhaps a good chat w/ your mom's oncologist will clear up some of your questions?

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My mother also had WBR. She also slept alot and balance can be a side effect. However, it worked at the time. Once she completed her treatments, she seemed to go back to normal. At times she seemed out of it, but I think in my moms case, it was the cancer that made her that way. It may be best to speak to the Dr about that. Good luck to your mom.

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