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Hello everyone, I'm pretty much a lurker here but I saw this information on the web and thought everyone may find it interesting. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone always!

Aerosol Agents For Very Early Lung Cancer Show Promise

NEW YORK, Oct 13 (Reuters Health) -- An aerosol spray may help to stop very early lung cancers from progressing, US researchers reported Wednesday at a meeting of lung specialists in Madrid, Spain.

Although the clinical work is very preliminary, in theory, aerosol therapy could offer an alternative to invasive lung surgery in early-stage disease, said Dr. James L. Mulshine of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Bethesda, Maryland, at the European Respiratory Society's annual meeting.

Advances in diagnostic technologies, such as spiral computed tomography (spiral CT) and autofluorescence bronchoscopy, have made the detection of early lung lesions easier. For example, spiral CT images the lungs so quickly that data are collected in a single breath hold, reducing the risk of error, Mulshine said. In autofluorescence bronchoscopy, the patient inhales a pigment that causes tissue to take on different colors depending on whether it is normal or malignant. Both techniques detect lesions that cannot be seen with conventional imaging modalities.

Meanwhile, the delivery capabilities for lung aerosols are improving rapidly, Mulshine said. This suggests that compounds such as concentrated retinoids, which are known to have activity in lung cancer, might be delivered directly to lung lesions with minimal side effects. This is an advantage because taking the drug by mouth has led to side effects. Inhaling an aerosol form of the compound also allows up to 100 times more of it to be delivered right to the lung lesion.

As an example of direct drug delivery, the NCI researchers are conducting a study of a retinoid mouthwash therapy in 57 patients with leukoplakia, a premalignant condition of the lining of the mouth.

Once results of that trial are in, the researchers will begin testing a retinoid aerosol in very early lung cancer in a trial involving up to 20 patients.

Potentially, an aerosol delivery system could treat the lining of the airways with medication in much the same way that cigarette smoke infuses this area with carcinogens. "We think this approach is going through the right door," Mulshine said.

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Kim....I was so excited to see your name beside the post! I couldn't wait to hear from you! Please post more often and let us know how you are doing. I think of you so often. Thanks so much for posting this article.

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Hi Ann! That is so very sweet of you too say! I'm doing okay. It's hard for me this time of year..for you as well I'm sure. Our journey's through this was so close together. My life is doing well..I'm engaged to a wonderful man and getting married late next year. I'm very lucky to have found someone so understanding and supportive of me, it's been really something else. I sure hope you are doing well and finding brighter lights on the path. I have good days and bad days but more of the good this year then past years. I don't post much on the board because I feel I don't have much to help with and the losses on the board make me so sad sometimes but I check every day to see how everyone is doing..it's like an extended family. It was so nice to hear from you! I know others will read this post so I want you all too know that I may lurk but I care and sending warm wishes and prayers to eveyone!

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