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dry eyes and stye from chemo???

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The past couple weeks my eyes have been crusty and dry. I finished my carbo/taxol September 26th, still on the avastin. (my hair is growing back but my eyelashes are not in yet.)

On Sunday I found a "blister" on my lower right eyelid; called the doc on Monday,he recommended drops and warm compresses.

Today is Thursday, it is better, but still there. Has anyone had this problem from chemo or am I looking at a side effect related to the avastin?

How long has it taken to clear up?



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Thank you pammmie and eppie,

I thought the dryness was from lash regrow problems however this blister or stye is under the bottom lid on the outer side (not near the nose) not near to the lashes. I am not taking the anti nausea meds any more since my last carbo/taxol infusion on Sept 26th. So, if noone has had this type of problem I am concerned it has to do with the avastin. And since I will be on avastin forever it is of concern, cannot read or draw well with this, and have never had this type of eye problem before.



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Hi, Just read this.

It may be related to both the eyelash regrowth AND the chemo. Infected hair follicles are common in chemo patients/cancer patients. I had this happen to my upper eyelid and my whole scalp while undergoing chemo a few years ago. Since an infection of any kind can be a big problem for those on chemo I personally think you should have this checked out by a Medical Doctor. I obtained a referral to a Dermatologist, because my entire scalp was involved along with my left upper eyelid.

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I'd like to add a little something to Fay's post. Seeing a dermatologist is a good idea for all of us stuck with chemo...for whatever reason. I had an appointment with mine the other day...and he ended up removing several suspicious spots. He also told me cancer patients on chemo show up regularly in his office...since chemo pushes us towards skin malignancies. I was not aware of this and I'd like to share this info for future reference.

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