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Today's CT-PET

Fay A.

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Fay, darlin'....

I haven't slept well for the last year and a half. Up all night long on potty runs.

Last night I had the most horrific gut ache...was sure I was going to get sick. Instead, got up around 11:00 and took an Ativan which - on top of all my other meds - knocked me out.

I didn't waken even ONCE to pee....until 5:00 this morning. That was 6 STRAIGHT HOURS OF UNINTERUPTED SLEEP!! Absolutely glorious.

So....I'm taking my excellent sleeping adventure of last night as a sign....an omen....a prediction that the results of your CT/PET are going to be equally excellent~!! Makes sense to me, that that would be the case. I slept so well because your results will be good!

So...meanwhile...hand over the pork chop, lady and don't worry....ok?

Any way to hurry them up on results? Shouldn't take this long to read them. Most times I get my CT or MRI results the same day or next morning. Why not push a bit for a quicker read?

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I'm okay. Only significant uptake is at the fractured rib site! :):):) I sincerely hope that the person reading the scan is really, really good at what they do.

I have not slept much over the past week, and tonight I'm going to sleep like a log (a soaking wet, excessively night sweating log).

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