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A prayer for my mom- UPDATED- your prayers worked!


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She is still ill and having dizziness and headaches, excessive coughing and nausea. They did a MRI and another CT with contrast this time. Results come tomorrow at 11am.

If you have any to spare, positive thoughts and prayers are surely appreciated.

thanks in advance, and I will let you know when I get home tomorrow what the results are.



My mom and dad in 2001.


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A beautiful picture, Katie!!

You know prayers are NEVER in short supply here. It is like what is said about never running out of love when more children come into a family. Same with prayers. There is ALWAYS more than enough to go round for everyone!

Hoping, along with all those prayers, for good news.



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The tests were clean.

Looks like it wasn’t mini-strokes either, like first thought. Her brain was clear and the vessels to her heart showed no blockages. The best guess he has right now is that her high blood pressure is causing it, and the new medicine he put her on (this is the third high blood pressure medicine they have tried) is causing a reaction in her body, (nothing has helped her high blood pressure), or is counteracting with her thyroid medications.

Whew. Got lucky again with these results. !!

THANKS so much for your positive thoughts and prayers! Now I am saying a prayer for some solid answers and for mom to feel better soon.

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What great news, Katie. I hope the doctors can get her feeling better really soon. You know, I'm sure your mom is still adjusting to being without your dad, although it's been a while now. Sometimes, when you're down in your heart and mind, it's hard for your body not to be right there in the same place.

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Dear Katie,

I'm so glad to hear your mom got good test results. I hope they find a med that will take care of her blood pressure very soon. My mom had a horrible time keeping her blood pressure under control. It used to frequently get up in the 200s. It was very scary. I don't remember headaches and nausea, though. Have they thought about migraines? Just a thought.

Love and hugs,


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