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Hebbie (Heather)

Connie B

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Hey Hebbie (Heather)

Okay, way back on Oct 4th you asked for a prayer chain for your CT scan. I looked all over this board to see if you gave us an update, and for love nor money I can't find anything any where that you make mention of how that CT scan came out.

Could you and would you PLEASE LET US KNOW?!?!

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Hi Everyone, thank you so much for the concern and caring thoughts...I am so sorry to not have posted. I had some reservations about making that prayer request, because I knew it was only a matter of time until I had to post results. I guess it's time for me to "fess up". :oops:

I was hummin' along quite nicely for a while there....but just before hitting my two year anniversary mark, last December, I had the unthinkable happen: A "questionable scan". The "questionable" part was not discussed with me by my oncologist, who told me everything looked good and he would see me three months later, as usual; but instead, my surgeon, during a routine follow up, casually mentioned that we were tracking some nodules. I was like "uhhhh....what????". In his typical crass manner, he flipped the report in my direction and said "yup -- tracking some nodules....right here..." The appt. was quickly over and I was left alone with the report. I immediately called my onc. He told me he was as surprised as I was when he read the reportr, and was just going to let it go until we could rescan, so I wouldn't freak out (he knows me too well!). He seemed confident that it was simply scar tissue.

Long story short, some nodules had popped up in both lungs, too small to biopsy, so we waited three months to scan again. February rolled around -- Same thing....then I had a PET -- showed nothing. Too small to be picked up on a PET, still too small to biopsy. So we waited....

In May, I got tired of "watch, wait and do nothing" and embarked on my Macrobiotic Journey. Figured it wouldn't hurt at this point!

In July, we scanned again. Slight growth....still too small to biopsy.

In October, we scanned again. Slight growth....still too small to biopsy. (Are we noticing a pattern here.... :roll: )

I'm frustrated, scared beyond belief, in denial of the implications, and just plain pissed off.

I have hesistated to talk about this because talking about it makes it real. I don't want it to be real. I want to be in remission. I want to move forward with my life and have a baby with my new husband. I want to be able to cough and not be paralized by fear that cancer is growing in my lungs. I want to eat food like a normal person, not the macrobiotic freak that I have become. I WANT MY OLD LIFE BACK. :evil:

I am moving forward with our S.J. Lung Cancer Walk with a vengance.....I hate this disease with a passion and will do everything in my power to help find a cure. Not just for me, but for all of us...

Thanks for always being here,


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Do you know how many of us have NODULES??? :shock: I have been doing the wait and watch thingy for almost 3 years. Low and behold I just had a CT scan a month ago and they compared all my scans and said, for some odd reason this scan the NODULE looks like scar tissue. So, instead of doing CT's every 4 months now I can do them every 6 months! :)8)

This nodule of mine DID light up on a PET scan, but it was only 4mm. My surgeon during my heart surgery 2 years ago said, my NODULE did NOT feel like a cancerous Nodule! YES he was 99% sure it was NOT cancer. He told me I had nothing to worry about.

Well, I know SEVERAL of us LC Survivors that have been waiting and watching nodules for a long time and nothing has happened. I have a very good friend that had 5 yes 5 Nodules 3 in one lung and 2 in the other. She is a 7 year survivor and her nodules showed up 5 years ago. She now only has ONE nodule and it's 4mm in size.


:roll::?:wink: Shame on you for not making mention of this to us your friends.

Do you KNOW HOW MUCH WE LOVE YOU??? Do you feel bad? Oh heck, you got enough to deal with, you don't have to feel bad! ((((HEATHER))))

I just want you to know these dog gone NODULES do pop up and in most cases end up just scaring the daylights out of us. Donna G has Nodules too!

Sending you hugs and positive vibes my dear.

Love & Hugs,


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I am angry right along with you. I want you to have a long and happy and healthy life.

Do the reports detail the actual size of the nodules from one scan to the next? You need to know what "slight growth" means from one scan to the next and from the beginning to the present. When the Radiologist reads the scans does he compare them only to the most recent, or does he compare to the scans from the point when the nodules first appeared on film? I know that you are busy with the upcoming walk. But when you can bring yourself to obtain copies of all of the reports please look at them all in sequence. And pay close attention to the resolution used on the CT scan slices. And how large are they saying the nodules have to be in order for the Surgeon to be able to biopsy? Are they saying that the nodules are too small for Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy? I know...I ask too many questions. It is in my nature to dig for details and try to find ways around the walls put before me. And if you lose confidence in the Physicians you've been seeing find others. I mean it.

I want you to be in remission, too. I truly believe that medical researchers are so close to finding answers for our disease. And tonight when I say my prayers I'm praying hard that what we need is found in YOUR lifetime. And I'll keep on praying every day and contributing whatever it is I can towards research for as long as I have a single breath in my body.

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You have gone through a lot of anxiety by yourself for quite some time. Makes me sad to think of you keeping it all inside. Fears that rattle around inside our heads long enough begin to feel overwhelming. I hope sharing it, once and for all, will make it less scary.

Sounds like you are still doing really well - nothing has progressed in all these months. That MUST be a good sign. Don't let worry and doubt (and seaweed and brown rice 8) ) make tomorrow less happy than it could be. Easier said than done, I know.

Sending all caring thoughts and strength your way for happier days and happier news.


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One of the things I love about this board is it is here 24 hours a day for us to share and vent and get support, information and prayers. I hope now that you have shared your anxiety with us that our combined prayers can help ease it for you. I know you want your old life back. Heck, that is the goal for all of us. You are young and strong. You do all you can with exercise and diet. You do research and support efforts to raise funds for the cause. You are doing all you can do. Let us help. We all love you and want only the best for you. Keeping you in my prayers is one way I can help in my small way.


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My take on your situation is that the nodules have not significantly changed in almost a year.. right? And so, I would put it on the "back burner" and just monitor them.

I had a suspicous nodule show up 6 months after my first surgery. Within 6 months, it was established that there was significant growth. It turned out to be a second primary. I think, in most cases, if these things are malignant, they show change in a 6 month period.

Of course, there is no doubt in my mind that I would be bummed if I had to track another nodule. I certainly hope I don't and can appreciate your fear, frustration and anger. knowing what I know now though, I would relax a bit if a new nodule did not change over a year.

I hope your "nodules" don't change.

Don M

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I had a nodule that had been in my left lung that had always showed up on my CT and PET scans. I had a PET scan just before my surgery and the little sucker decided to light up even though it had never lit up before. I WAS SCARED SO SCARED! Thank God for Connie B. She told me that it did not have to be bad news, and it was not. My surgeon insisted on me having it biopsied before he would do the surgery. It turned out to be scar tissue. I pray that that is all it is with you also.


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I am right there with you worrying away. I am worrying for you AND my DH, Fred. You see, he too has been on nodule watch. Yep...2 in the right lung and one in the left. What is it about some doctors? When we were called with the results of the rescan we were told all was as it was in July. When we picked up the results and read it for ourselves...THAT is when we discovered he had another in the OTHER lung! If we hadn't asked for the report and read it ourselves, we still would think there were only 2 in the right lung!

I am FREAKED about them. Now Connie will be MAD at me because I am going to mention that his are non-calcified nodules. You didn't qualify if there was any mention of what TYPE nodules they are.

This disease takes SO much away from all whose lives are touched - whether patient or family members - even friends.

I will double up on my nodule prayers to include you too, Heather. Are you to wait until December now, or what? Believe me when I express my deep concern, sorrow, and caring over this news.



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