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CT Results (Update new info!) ?'s


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Well that was what her radiolgist told her. Then later her GP doctor called her and although her CT scan came back normal they reccomend if there is a concern of a metastic disease that a MRI with contrast be done. So she has that scheduled for Nov. 10th. Has anyone had a normal CT of the head then had something wrong with a MRI (with contrast)? This has me concerned. Then her blood work she shows she is anemic and her Calcium levels are high. So doctor wants her to get a recheck of blood work. She could not remember but the doctor said that something was low but that was okay to be low. I have no idea. Anyone with anemia and high calcium levels and what this may or may not mean???

Thank you all so much. You get your hopes up and poof shot back down to worry more. Not to mention she does not act scared but she has been crabby lately!


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