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It was worth it (more motorcycle talk)


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I'm just beaming with smiles, through misty eyes, but smiling all the same. Look what I got in my email just now from my brother:

Hi Peggy, The package with manuals and keys arrived yesterday, the box with helments etc arrived today. Am I getting excited or what!! Been reading through owners manual and think I can probably get the bike home. I have a couple of "biker" friends that will give me a hand getting familiar. They offer a safe bike class in the area that I am going to look in to. It's supported by the highyway patrol to teach basic bike skills and loads of safety training. Just can't wait. Thanks thanks. I've started putting the maintenance schedule on the computer so I have reminders.. don't want to get behind.

I am rearranging my storage unit this weekend so there will be plenty of safe indoor storage for the bike. No room at the apartment and the living room is out.

Will let you when it arrives.

Hope all is well with you will try to call this weekend Love Bill

Isn't that just so, so, so neat? It made me feel so good. The timing wasn't perfect for Bill because they just sold their house and are moving to Oregon, hopefully next year. He's a veterinarian and is hoping to sell his animal hospital soon so they can move sooner. So, in the meantime, he doesn't have a garage handy where he can keep the bike for now. I bet his wife will have to take him lunch and dinner to the garage for a few weekends. I know my brother and he will eat, drink and sleep that motorcyle. LOL!

Just had to share something good for a change.

Love and hugs to everyone,


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Dear Peggy,

How wonderful is that?? you KNOW that bike is cherished and appreciated so much and I think Don would be so happy to know that it is in the family and will be riden with his rememberence in mind. You're Brother is doing all the right things and I am just so happy that you are happy!! I love you GF!!!

God Bless you,


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