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Wall of Survivors


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So you all know that we have the wall of memory, and the montage of photos that I made with all the pics of members we have lost here over the last three years, well...

I was give a great idea by Rich- how about a montage of SURVIVORS? I can put this together, but I need something from you- Your pictures!!

If you want to be a part of the LC Survivors photo montage shoot me a PM. If your pic is already in your avatar- let me know and I'll pull it from there, if not, you will need to e-mail it to me for me to add it to the picture.

If I don't get more than 20 responses, this project will have to wait, otherwise- I'll let you know how this goes.

P.S. family members MAY also submit pics of their loved one who is a lung cancer survivor!

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I'm going to guess here that she is talking about Lung Cancer Survivors. Being this post is posted under LC SURVIVORS!

So, anyone who is a lung cancer survivor would be my guess. A lung cancer survivor is anyone living with a dx's of lung cancer.

Katie, go ahead and add my pic to the wall. What a great idea Rich! Thank you Katie for being willing to put this all together for us.


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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you e-mail me your picture, please give me the USER ID that you use here, or I will not recognize you.

I deal with almost 2000 members online and offline, and we have over 3 million visitors a month which makes for alot of e-mails and inquiries for me to sort and answer every day.

I know everyone of you by your LCSC user ID, but unless your name is the same as your user ID, or I have had a personal relationship with you, you risk not having your photo up if I can't figure out who you are!

Thanks a bunch,

P.S. CONNIE- the dates are of course a great idea, but it all depends on my workload. I may just have photos first if we get enough, then add the dates at a later time.

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Please send photos to me at


Rick works 60 hour weeks and travels often. He will not be involved in this project in anyway. Thanks everyone.

If you did not get a reply/confirmation from me about your pic, that means I didn't get it!

Thanks again,

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Hey Survivors, we need your pictures! :D Katie only has about 12 pictures so far, and she needs to at least have 20 of them to make this project worth while putting it together for all of us. GOD BLESS KATIE!! :wink:

I hope we have more that will join in. We have more then 12 SURVIVORS on this board DON'T WE???

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