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Getting to Know You - October 29


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hmmm. well, I know I kissed a boy in nursery school named Mark. what can I say, I was precocious!?

but the first behind-the-house, tell-everyone-I-know-afterwards kiss was in 5th grade :oops: with Nahush Mokadam. he had a bit of a mustache (in 5th grade!!) and I found it all a little horrifying.

:) thanks for the hilarious memories, Ann.



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I don't remember kissing anyone at a young age. I was a big tom boy :oops: But my first true kiss was when I was 15 with my first love. His name was Tony. Still has a place in my heart but nothing compared to my husbands.

It was after watching a movie at his place and I was late leaving and was scared I would be grounded he stopped me "planted one" and said good luck!

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His name was David and we went steady in the 7th grade. First came holding hands. That lasted for months and was electrifying!!!

We broke up after kissing. It was too much for me. I didn't want a bad reputation! (Everyone asked...did you kiss yet?)

Besides, I had a crush on his best friend, Steve, who never dated all through school. ALL the girls loved him. Would love to know why he never dated anyone.

Cindi o'h

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first kiss was the summer of '69 when I was 14. It was the last week of summer vacation and I was going to start high school. I remember I really didn't want to start high school unkissed.

An older boy I'd known every summer at Lake Tahoe since I was 6 years old came by in his dad's boat. I had never liked Ronnie S. THAT way, but I was desperate. So I finally let him kiss me out in the middle of Lake Tahoe. Then I said I had to go home. He sang that Stevie Wonder song to me "My Cherie Amour" - how corny! :roll: I never hear that song without remember that very passionless, get-it-done first kiss.

The next one was much better! 8)


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First kiss...still remember it! His name was Larry and he was just the cutest little guy! We were in the fourth grade. I think it was more of a "peck" than a kiss but I still remember it well!

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