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Cindi o'h UPDATE

cindi o'h

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Hi All..

Thought I would give an update since my hospital stay about a couple weeks ago, I guess.

I have been taking my new med for asthma, Singulair, regularly. Plus I have become a compliant patient in remembering to take my other asthma meds: advair diskus and albuterol with a spacer. Lo and behold, I can breathe again! I can breathe the best I have in almost a year! This asthma kick has been going on all this time, and I didn't even know it. I was blaming the whole thing on the lc treatments and it turns out much of it was asthma!

I still require assistance in walking with my wheelie walker. But, I can walk the distance of the apartment hallway while breathing through my nose only and at a pretty good pace. Much improvement.

Tues., I go for a follow up CT/PET with SUV. And a brain MRI (I have been having headaches with increasing pain and frequency). I am hoping that both of these will turn out negative. I am not too worried about them.

I start pulm. rehab. on Thursday, an 8 week program @ 2X week. The goal is to have me walking for 15" straight. I will let you know what grade I get when it is all said and done. Poor techs...they don't know what they are in for when they get me in their group! We will be having some fun.

Just so glad to still be alive. And so thankful that I have made IMPROVEMENT! YES!!! Thanks to my surgeon for helping me to get to the bottom of what was going on with me.

Cheers for a happy Halloween.

Cindi o'h

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Congrats on the improvement, Cindi! I can't remember, but are you on supplemental 02 all the time now?

One of the things that I hope will help me with the mobility is to have the carpets removed and tile or wood flooring put in. Also supposed to help with the breathing...easier to keep the dust levels down once all the remodel work is done. Im wondering if the walker you use moves over carpeting as well as it does over hard surfaces? And does it have a basket of some sort for carrying the oxygen tanks? Any info you share will be appreciated.

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Hi Fay.

I have O2 available to me here at home and for portable use, but, it just hasn't been helping. I have been trying it lately for my headaches, though.

There are many different walkers to choose from. Believe it or not, I have three! I have one light one in the back of my car. That way I don't have to load it and re-load it everytime I go somewhere. I have another that I use for the car to my apartment. I just leave it parked in my parking space when I go. And then it is there for me when I return. It works nicely on the carpeting, especially. I think they can almost get going too fast on a bare floor. They do have brakes just like a bicycle, though, and I find myself using them appropriately. There is a seat on the walker which I especially like. When I get too pooped, I can put it in park and just sit down and rest until I catch my breath.

One of the walkers is brand new. The others I got used. The new one is twice as heavy as one of the used ones. The used one has a lightweight plastic seat. That one is my favorite. That is the one that stays in the back of my car. The new one has a basket, but the basket is not stable. If you are on supplemental O2, you will be able to find a way to rig your O2 to be stable should you decide on your wheelie.

Fay, I just love mine!!! It made life so much easier for me after I got them! I don't know what I would've done without it. No kidding. Some pride swallowing involved, but that didn't last too long.

All the best.

Cindi o'h

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Cindi,I am really glad to hear you are able to breath better.I know what a nuisance tough to breath is.

Also hoping all your upcoming tests come back good.

PS:Certain men also make good walkers.You need one tho that does what he is told,has lots of money,is good looking,walks slow,etc Ha Ha.(just kidding)

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Hi Cind,

Great news for a great gal!! :) I know you will have good results for all your upcoming scans and MRI.

They just have to find out what is causing the headaches. Maybe it is has something to do with the new medications you are taking.

Like you said about the group, I bet they have no idea what they are in for with Cindi joining the group!!! :shock: I know you will bring new life to them.

Watch out world, Cindi is acommin... make way for her and her walker.. :)

Maryanne :wink:

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Oh Cindi o'h, I love reading this post . You are my hero girl. You just have a way of gathering up all the negatives in your life and turning them to positives. I'm glad the doctor has come up with a plan to help you. Not being able to breathe is such a helpless feeling. As for those scans, you can count on lots and lots of nonstop prayers from me. Will be anxiously waiting for the outcome.



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Thanks for the info on walkers. I don't see it so much as swallowing pride as it is not allowing a little thing like needing some help walking get in the way of walking. :wink:

You've given me a real boost when I needed it. Thank you!

PS I had no idea they made walkers with BRAKES. I have this picture in my head of you burning up the hallways and peeling rubber in the parking lot!

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Cindi - you feel better!!! YAY!!! I am so happy to hear the asthma is responding to all the good meds and you can breath so much better. What a lovely feeling! One I used to take for granted but not anymore.

Got your plan worked out and your goal in sight. We'll be getting good updates every week, I bet! Guess all those fancy walkers make it much easier to serpentine!

Happy Halloween, friend! Hope you have nothing but treats!


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Keep up the good work Cindi. Using your medicine the way it is suppose to be used is a good start :oops: As for the walking and breathing through your nose all the way down the hall....sounds really much better. Prayers do work. That surgeon of yours came to your rescue.

Now for the scans. I pray that they will be NED and that you can just take an aspirin for that headache but let us know anyway ok? Headaches are bothersome ( I have been having them too) but perhaps it is the time of the year and allergies of some type. We will wish for only good news.


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