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Not the lottery, but it will do!!!!


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Hey all,

I don't really know how things work in the U.S., but over here I am surviving (barely) on what is called the disability pension. It equates to about $550.00 per 2 weeks, no living it up for sure!!!! My oncologist told me to quit my job back in April of this year, so I did as I was told. Since then it has been a struggle financially, I mean health care isn't a problem because over here everybody is covered working or not. It hasn't been easy living on that sort of money, petrol (gas) has gone up to $1.20 per litre and living isn't cheap anymore.

So the other day I am going through some of my superannuation paperwork that I have, knowing it was worth bugger all to be honest. I was just trying to work out how much I wasn't worth when I saw written in small print that I had insurance for being permanently disabled. I have 3 policies and I frantically checked each one of them. Sure enough, they all had this insurance on them. With my heart beating faster and faster I rang them one by one to confirm I was eligible. The cynic in me was sure there was a way they would worm their way out of it. However, it seems I am eligible for what will be a quite a bit of money (well for me anyway).

Am still in a bit of shock about all of this, I mean I only found this out last week.

I now want to go on a holiday, I went to L.A. and Canada earlier this year and thought that would be it for me. Now I can see more of the U.S. and maybe Europe. Any ideas?????

Don't get me wrong I would rather be poor and not have cancer, but hey there has to be some compensation for all of this!!!! :)

Just thought I would give you all a bit of a laugh, I mean how many people find out they have so much life insurance by accident??? I have been living on the bones of my arse for months now, all the while not knowing I have this money.

I guess I have the excuse of being 39 yrs old and not really giving a toss about life insurance. LOL!

Anyway I am sure I will have it all spent 20 times over by the time I get it. :lol:

Thanks for listening to my rambling,


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:D Oh Sharon,

Have I ever told you what a dear you are??? :D

And how much I admire you???? :D

And wouldn't you know it, I have an extra room here in my apartment for you to hole up while you take me, (your newest and bestest friend ever!!!) out on the town for some fabulous dinners, some fine wine, some shopping sprees, and ALL!!! And then some! :D

Seriously, congrats, girl! Live it up! You deserve it! Sorry you have been living on the bones of your arse...that is a new one to me.. sounds very Irish, though.

love, Cindi o'h

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If I was still 39 I would not really know all there was to know about my life insurance either. Glad you were smart enough to look at them. Like Cindi said, there are spare bedrooms all over this country that would be glad to share with you. Of course breakfast, lunch, dinner and shopping would all be on you. I am happy for you that you can now concentrate on living your life and not worrying about money. You have all you need to worry about on your plate already. I just wish I had had the forsite to take out disability years ago.


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Central America is beautiful. Specifically, San Pedros Island right off the coast of Belize. Not touristy, no cars, dirt roads and a yacht club.



P.S. Mayan ruins, barrier reef, huts, simply beautiful!!

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Well no wonder this is in the Good News column, you can't get much better than that, with the exception of ridding yourself of that damn disease.

But this is a wonderful surprise and it couldn't have come at a better time.

Enjoy it!! You deserve it.

You may want to take a cruise somewhere, Italy or Alaska or wherever.

Have fun!!

Maryanne :wink:

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