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Getting to Know You - October 31


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Like Kelly....I'm going to count God, Family, and Friends as something other than "things." I couldn't make it without those in my life. As for material things....

My computer....to keep up with you guys.

My pets....as they really get me through the rough times and always show unconditional love.

Books.....as I love to read.

Telephone....to keep in touch with family & friends.

A/C .....as it gets hotter than hell in Florida.

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I am going to count God, family, air, water, food etc and a part of our lives that no one could do without. But as for other things here is my list,

1. My little dog..she is 11 years old and still my little baby.

2. Phone to keep up with family and friends and work.

3. ac/heat....I really need ac to breathe

4. chocolate... I would survive but not nearly as well. Takes a lot of the stress away.

5. I need my TV and computer. Both help me keep up with what is going on in the world and my wonderful extended family on LCSC.


P.S. I know that is 6 but I NEED them. :oops:

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