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Wesley Olson (FIL of Kathi)


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My husband made it back from the Middle East in time to see his father (NSCLC) alive. He arrived in Story City, Iowa on the 24th of October in the late afternoon but was able to speak with his dad at some length. His father passed away October 25, 2005 at 6:10 pm. My husband held his hand and watched him take his final breath. I was too late. My daughter and I arrived 2 hours after he had passed but was able to see him at the hospital to say goodbye. The funeral was lovely as was the graveside service. It was a beautiful fall day with the leaves on the trees bright red. May both of our parents now rest in peace.....


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Dear Kathi,

You Dear! You have been through so much. You were a wonderful Daughter and Daughter in law. I am sure you're husband is so proud of you the way you took care of everyone. A tall order for sure. I am so glad you're husband got to spend some time with his Dad. I am just so sorry for both of you're losses.

God Bless you all and hold you in his loving arms,


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Dear Kathi,

Please accept my condolences on the passing of your FIL.. You have been hit with a double whammy this year and that is just too much.

Please give my heartfelt sympathy to your husband. I am so glad that he made it back in time to be with him and to be with him when he passed.

I was reading your profile and was shocked to see that your dad and FIL were diagnoised the same year and both passed the following 2 years only a few months apart. How horrible that you are going through this again. My heart breaks for your family.

Peace be with you both.

Tough year Kathi, so sorry


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