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Pain - Epidural, injections?


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Hi -

My mom's mobility is still significantly limited due to severe neck pain. She has had the neck radiated, so they are not apt to radiate again - unless we find it is a different vertebrae causing the problem.

Do any of you have experience with epidurals or nerve blocks for cancer pain? I think the more "permanent" ones are supposed to help for 3-4 months. I feel like if we could get some relief from the neck pain, that she would be able to better rehab some of the other areas which are not causing much pain anymore.

Thanks as always,


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My mom had a nerve block for post op. pain which worked BUT may have blocked the pain of her local recurrance as well. So... nerve block does block pain from cancer- in my mom's case anyway. Have you looked into cyberknife treatment? I honestly don't know if it is an option but it can't hurt to ask!!! Ask the Experts here and also here is a link to a cyberknife only message board- it helped us.


I thought of you last night at a concert at my church and prayer for you and you mom. Be blessed.

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On the flip side; I had an epidural injection for back pain in the middle back. I didnt get a lot of relief from the pain, and I had a severe anxiety reaction to the steroids, which is what they use...sent me to emer. room twice for anti-anxiety meds. Noone mentioned this side effect before hand, of course. They did list "poss. "spinal headaches", dunno if inj. caused it, but I had migraine headaches all winter...still have some, tho less frequent.

So be aware of possible side effects, and weigh them against the benefits, I would advise.

Im right back where I was before with the pain, even worse as it slowly progresses ea. yr. I seem to get more relief with Tylenol Arthritis, or Darvocet (prescrip.) as required. Dont wanna take them forever tho, so have more appts. with pain management clinic, to try to find some relief with minimal meds. (Some Docs recommend Aleve, too...over the counter.)

Good luck, know the pain is no fun...Rich B.

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All -

Thanks for the advice -- we decided to wait on the epidural..and the neck has started to improve a bit on its own -- I am praying it means that the chemo may be shrinking some areas...or else the radiation has taken its sweet time in working. :)

Either way, I am certainly pleased and thankful.


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