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Brain mets question.

cindi o'h

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Hey all.

I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier. Who better to ask than this group?

Are headaches associated with brain mets?

I have had some nasty headaches that are more frequent and more intense these past 4-5 weeks or so. Always the same area of my head between my left ear and occiput. I have never had headaches here before that I can remember.

Anyway. Thanks for the feedback. If you all say "no" then I will cancel the brain MRI that I insisted on for tomorrow.

Can you tell that tomorrow is test day? Starting to get a little shook up now.

Cindi o'h

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Cindi ,

Go for the test regardless of what folks say. Take deep breaths, now that you can breathe a little better.. and know you have prayers coming your way. I'm wondering... just thinking .. you just recently started new meds and inhalers .. could any of them be causing your headaches. So many drugs cause headaches as a side effect.. No matter what you find out about that, do go for the MRI. Will be anxiously waiting to hear the results.



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Have the test, settle your mind. I had an MRI last year due to headaches because they can be a symptom of brain mets.

If you are sniffing inhalants, read the side effects. I know that Albuterol helps me breathe when I'm having problems breathing, but that I have to take some Motrin for a headache within half an hour of puffing.

It's probably nothing - but you won't be able to sleep until you KNOW. Enjoy your tube trip. (Ahhhh....the comfort of Valium...)

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Hi Cindi

From what I have read, there is often a constellation of symptoms associated with a diagnosis of brain mets. Things such as dizziness, confusion, nausea, etc....

As the others have said, headaches can be brought on by any number of factors, which I am sure you have already considered! I am sure that people have also presented with a constellation of symptoms suggestive of brain mets, only to find that there is some benign cause for their condition.

Of course, you should get the test done....and I will be looking in the Good News forum for your results!

Stay calm :roll: ,

Lots of love to you,


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Dear Cindi,

Don's symptom was a headache - constant and severe. Actually, that's how he was diagnosed. He had headaches for years and blamed it on sinus and took OTC sinus meds a LOT. The headache started, gradually got worse, was in one spot right behind his right eye, and lasted for several weeks before he got the MRI.

Cindi, get the MRI. Better safe than sorry. If it isn't brain mets, then a big wooppee to that, but if it is, better to find those pests early and GET RID OF THEM.

Hang in there!



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