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LC Awareness Month declared in Texas


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I sent the letter several months back and received a reply today! A large proclamation signed by the governor and a letter from him as well!

November is now OFFICIALLY Lung Cancer Awareness Month in the state of Texas!


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Katie, congrats! What was your magic potion? The Lung Cancer Alliance SO CAL committee has been trying forever to get Gov. Schartzenegger to do the same with California. Seems he has signed proclamations for SIDS, breast cancer and a host of other things, but can't seem to get around to a proclamation declaring LCAM in CA. Let me know if you have any tricks.


Nancy B

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You know Nancy, I think the Lung Cancer Alliance uses a "template" for people to send requests for state proclamations, and as simple and easy as they make it for "regular" people to send to their state governments, I personally do not feel like these "stock standard" letters get read or taken too seriously.

Write an original letter from your heart.

I quoted some statistics from my state, wrote about the stigma and how LC isn't just a smoker's disease. I also said that in light of our great loss of Peter Jennings and the recent dx. of Dana Reeve, that we now know that everyone is at risk.

I added alot about myself and my family's story, why I am where I am today and what I hope to accomplish by getting Texas to officially declare Nov. LC awareness month.

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Way to go Kiddo! Isn't it an honor to get this in the mail? When I requested it for Minnesota, I didn't think it would be such a big TA-DO, but it was WAY COOL! I also got a letter from Jesse Ventura (Gov at the time) thanking me for taking the time to put this in action and how important it is to the State Of Minnesota to have a Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

I was and still am IMPRESSED! :wink:


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