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Hi you all....

Just wanted to drop in so say "hi" and hope everyone is feeling great....

Oh and of course 'another thingy" I am getting nervous and ask you to keep me in your prayers...I know we all pray for each other and that is great and what keeps us going...I had my blood test yesterday and will be going for my CAT on Saturday....Why am I sooo nervous....This will be my first CAT/Scan since my surgery little more than a yr ago....

Of course I have had chest exray's every 4 months..and all clear...thank God...but the CAT scares me....sigh...Hate going in that thing and specially waiting for results....my onc appointment is not till the 17th...12 days after the CAT...waiting is the hard part....but you didn't know that...ha....Just trying to put some humor in this....sure do need some...

Ok...will be reading and posting some and will let you know when I get results...thanks for listening....You are All so great...hugs ...PamS.

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good to hear from you, and all good thoughts and prayers for good outcomes from those scans.

did I ever mention I dated a guy from Bel Air while I lived in DC (6/94 - 8/97)? maybe I'll PM you his name, you can give me any scoops. :twisted:

keep us posted, we're pulling for you.



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I don't think you have to wait that long for your results. They can do a wet reading and give you an idea. Or you can call the Doctors office and ask for your results before that time. Or you can wait.

I know you will be fine. Try not to stress. I know that will not be easy.

Good luck,


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