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MRI today


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Had an MRI today, 1st one in over 6 months. Out of all my tests, I hate this one the most. Praying for good results. Have been experiencing headaches, pressure and an imbalance walking. Will post results when I get them. Can I ask you all for prayers?

I don't visit as often as I used to, but your all, always in my daily prayers...

Hi all you new people. So hard to keep up.

God Bless, prayers and gentle hugs


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Karen, you have my prayers that there is nothing there that isn't supposed to be. I didn't have WBR but I did have PCI and ever since my balance has been bad. And lately, my sinuses are bad, which makes my face and head feel pressure, slight headaches and my balance is worse than ever. Here's hoping your sinuses are acting up and that's it.

Please let us know as soon as you do. I am really looking forward to seeing you and your husband on the 12th.

Prayers and Hugs,

Nancy B

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Of course you have my prayers. It has been a while since you posted news about yourself and I had been worried. How is the new chemo doing? How are you feeling besides the headaches etc? Just would love to hear from you in more depth.

Hoping you are still a member of the emtpy headed club.


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HI all,

Thank you for all the prayers, Can I ask you to please continue praying for me. I just got the results from The MRI. Not good. Report says tumor returned in same place and is larger. I'm praying it's scar tissue and can be removed. Appt with Neurosurgeon on Tuesday. Will keep you guys posted.

Thank God for all of you, I am truly blessed....

Thank you, Blessings and preyers,


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