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Tim is in the hospital


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Well, this morning Tim lost his balance again so I went with him to his radiation appointment and took him up to see his Onc. To make a long story short, they did a CT scan right then and there and we got the bad news that he has brain mets. They put him on decadron and dilantin right away and he is staying in the hospital. The dr. said that they will set him up for radiation to relieve his symptoms...but that this was not good news.

I am devastated and don't even know how I am typing this...came home to get Tim a few things..headed back to the hospital...

Please could you keep us in your prayers....


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Kathy my Friend,

Oh Sweet Friend, I am soooo very sorry to hear of Tim's sad news. Yet, I would very much like to hold on to some hope here. Sadly enough, I know that SOMETIMES these doctor's are right, but I like to think they all are up for the mistake of the day award and I wish to hope for the best.

Please know you and Tim are in my prayers my dear. I know your heart is breaking and I wish there was something other then typing that I could do to help you along. Take care, and give Tim my best.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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My heart hurts for your Tim right now. It just never seems to end. Just when you think you can have a break, bang...

Radiation to the brain is usually 75% successful or maybe they will do one of the other procedures such as radio surgery, etc. My buddy had whole head radiation and it at present is showing gone. will pray that tim has this same success....

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