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scared again


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Have you been coughing? Deep coughs with an irritated throat?

I've coughed up blood - twice....about two months before I was diagnosed. I was working into a good case of pneumonia and had coughed for three weeks straight.

MAKE SURE YOUR DOCTOR KNOWS! Coughing up blood is concerning. I was tested for TB after coughing it up, that's when the pneumonia was discovered.

I doubt it will interfere with your planned surgical date, but be sure the surgeon and your usual doctor are aware of this new "thing" you are doing.

Luck to you,


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If it is a small amount it is most likely nothing to panic over. John has had this and the doctor said the tumor is probably close to some small vessels and they get irritated and bleed. You do need to let the doctor know though.

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My husband coughed up blood on a couple of occasions. There is really no one answer to your question. Coughing up blood is always a concern, but only the doctor can determine whether you need to be seen or treated for it . If it was a lot of blood, then don't wait .. go to the ER. If it's just a little or blood streaked then it could probably wait til morning, but I would most definitely call your doctor either way. My best to you.


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Myrnalu: Did you cough up blood BEFORE you were tested, or is that what made you get tested. I am not sure I understand all the details, so please let us know more, such as how much blood--was it a spot, a teasoon, tablespoon? Were you coughing at the time, or clearing your throat?

I coughed up about a tablespoon of blood early one Sunday morning while drinking my coffee. I sipped the coffee, and guess I was about half way through, when I needed to cough. I was standing by my kitchen sink, with my paper towel rack just to the right; I grabbed a paper towel, coughed into it, and there was blood! I went to the ER, had all the tests imaginable after that, and then of course was diagnosed with lung cancer.

What stage is your lung cancer, and what type? Meaning nonsmall cell, or small cell? If you know, also what category?

If you coughed up a lot of blood like today, you need to get yourself to the ER for help.

Coughing up the blood should NOT interfere with your lung cancer surgery.

Let us know more, so we can better help you.


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Didn't you say before that you have a bad cough to begin with? Are you still smoking? I know when I was going to have my surgery, I got even more nervous and I smoked even more and it added to my already smokers cough. Could this be what your going through? I know you had said before you cough hard, so maybe you broke a vessel.

I take it your not having cool feet now? I'm glad that your having the surgery. Did you find a doctor your comfortable with? Are things starting to calm down a little for you? I hope so!

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Here is my take on this.

I did cough up blood after I started radiation and chemo. It turned out that it was radiation pneumonitis that was causing the bleeding. But, this of course, is not the case for you.

I want to address the emotional part of this.

It is scarierthanhell to cough up blood, I don't care what!

If you know what it is or don't know what it is, it is still creepy. There is something inside of me and I suspect every other human being that says "this AIN'T right!!"

There is no doubt in my mind that you will be telling your docs.

I do want to say that because of the small amount..what...a streak? a speck? a smudge? that it is not life threatening and doesn't warrant immediate attention. You coughed up blood because there is some vascular changes in your lungs, I will wager.

Everything is going to be okay. Be scared all you want. Breathe deeply. Get on some anti-anxiety meds.. please talk to the doc about this.

You are not alone! Don't forget! We are with you every step of the way!

Everything is going to be okay!

love, cindi o'h

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I coughed a lttle blood streaked phlegm several times over a week or 2 about a month ago. it perturbed me. I was not happy. I went to see my pulmonolgist. We figured it to be due to blood thinners i was taking. I stopped the thinners for a while and the coughing up blood stopped. I am not worried about it now.

Good luck with yoour surgery.

Don M

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