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my brother and Mike

nancy c

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I am having a hard day. I lost my brother, Ron, 41 years old on Oct 21. :cry: He died in his sleep. He was epiletic but recently had been weaned off his meds, after taking them for 25 years??? He lived a very normal life, graduated from college and was upper management for 17 Dollar General stores in Iowa. I am so upset. I just lost Mike to LC in June, actually June 21st. Why does God take 2 very important people from me?? :cry: Ron was my backbone while Mike was ill. He was always there for me. Now, I am watching my mother want to curl up and die. I don't understand any of this. I know God is good and I love him, but this makes me ask why???

God bless,Nancy

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I am soooo sorry about your brother. I can't imagine. All I can do is offer my condolences. I wish we had God's master plan so we could understand. My prayers are with you and your family for comfort, peace and strength.

It's difficult to know what to say...words are so limiting. You and your mother are stronger than you think. Life will go on somehow. Need to quit writing. This is not my strong suit! God bless you Nancy!

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We love you, friend.

All I can offer you right now is that I am trusting our God's reliability.

He IS love

He Is our shepard.

He will lift you up.

We are so very sorry for all your pain. This is just so much for you.

Please know that we care and that we have you firmly in prayer.

Lots of love and prayers.


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Dear Nancy,

If we ever knew the answers you're husband and our brothers know now we wouldnt have any questions. I have always said when someone passes that now they know all the answers we all wonder about. I have faith that God has an ultimate plan and I just have to trust him. I know when I was 28 and became a widow with 2 young sons it was the first time I questioned God. I just could not understand why God would take a man of 29 and the father of 2 young sons away.

Our answers are in Heaven Nancy. When we get there and meet our loved ones and sit at the side of God we will have all our questions answered, until then we just need Faith.

God Bless you Sweetie,


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Nancy, I am so very sorry that you are faced with so much sorrow in your life right now. Losing both your husband and brother in such a short time frame is more than anyone should be able to handle. My heart breaks for your mother. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. Nancy, I don't have the answers and am still unable to understand why God works in the way He does. Please know that I am thinking of you and praying that you will be able to make some sense of all this tragedy.

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