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my new normal

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The good-- when it works it works. It is keeping my husband stable and has been for some time now.

The bad-- the diarrhea, dry skin, rash, and fatigue.

The ugly-- the rash that really is not a rash there is just no other word in the English language to describe it. :lol:

Good luck with it.


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Comes in pill (take it once a day) form - does not get any easier then that. No trips to the hospital, IV's etc.

The rash - I got it, only lasted about 3 months or so for me and has just about gone away.

No regular/weekly blood test to check counts - at least in my case.

There is room for adjustment if one has side effects - I started out @ 150MG, had constant diarrhea. Went to 100MG, cleared the problem and I'm still having good results to date.

Fatigue - Hard to get around that with the cancer/chemo etc. Always can ask for something like Magase, Provigil, Ritalin. I was on Ritalin (no side effects) for a long time and it really helped with fatigue until it ran it's course. Just started Concerta and right off the bat it helped. Of course everyone is different and reacts different, but worth a try if fatigue becomes a major problem.

Hope this helps, prayers for the best.

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Some people get the rash some don't My wife was on it for 6 months before it stopped working. She has been on Etoposide which is now working. Tarcevas biggest issue for us was the rash. Looked like a bad case of ACNE. Don't forget the dry skin. Deb was like a sheet of coarse sandpaper. Use NIVEA In the White bottle or I Think UDDER Cream from Walmart works but we used Nivea. Appetite wa pretty much the usual if you can call it that when you are on Chemo. Those are the main points. Oh Yeah; the rash will disappear if you stop taking the drug and sometimes it will happen before you stop taking it. Good Luck and hope this helps.

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Hey there!

My side effects have really been minimal in comparison with the previous treatment that I have had. I got the rash and a whole lot of dry skin. It comes and goes. I also have noticed that it takes a little longer for cuts to heal. I'm not sure if this Tarceva related. I get infections around my fingertips. The skin around my fingernails is very susceptible now for some reason. They aren't bad infections. Could be related to excessive dry skin. I also developed ulcerative colitis (runs in my family) and a polyp(also runs in my family). So, again I am not sure if this flare is from Tarceva. That's all that I have noticed. I am just so thankful to feel normal again.

By the way, I just finished my fourth month on the drug and so far all scans have been stable!!



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there's lots of info here on Tarceva, but my mom is on it. they just upped her dose yesterday, but so far just a little dry skin, especially on her fingers. she's a little fatigued, too, but the doc says it's not from the Tarceva as much as the sum total of what she's been through. frankly, I don't think he knows that for sure - and lots of people here report fatigue, so...

mom is a bit if weird case: she has no tumors to monitor, so there' sno way to know whether it's 'working', other than for her never to have a tumor again. :D

good luck with it, let us know how it goes.



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Thanks for all your input. It all is very much appreciated. Right now my plan of attack is to take the Tarceva without chemo. Told today that the tumor on my kidney is 1.5 cm. Tumor board will meet next Tuesday and I have an appt on Thursday with the nephrologist.

Keep the info coming........that's what keeps us moving forward.

Thanks a Bunch All of You, God Speed


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I agree with the others that the rash and the fatigue are the worst side effects of Tarceva. My rash has settled for now, but for a while there I had ulcers everywhere. It's all worth it though for the great results it has given me. Life is so much better now!!!!!

All the best to you,


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I am one of the folks who has great results from Tarceva, so I am definitely a fan. My cancer experience has been take a pill every day and visit the doctor once a month for CT scan or xray and 15-minute infusion of Zometa (I have bone mets.) The Tarceva is shrinking the cancer a little every month (I'm into my 5th month now.) I live a normal life.

My side effects have included face breaking out a little (also occasionally on neck and back), the runs once a week or so, dry skin and hair (hair also grows more slowly for me), itchy inside rims of my eyelids sometimes, and some fatigue. (Although, I had no trouble walking Rome 6 hours a day last month, so maybe fatigue for me is related to how interesting life is that day!)

I am one of a small group who has the right genetic mutations, etc., that allow for such great success with Tarceva. I wish it could work this well for everyone. You won't know till you try it and, if it works, your cancer experience will generally be easier. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


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I'm okay with Tarceva--providing it keeps the cancer wolf at bay.

I'm only a tad over 3 weeks on 150 mg pill daily. The non-rash started up last week. It is a weird one--almost like a wind burn.

Compared to the other chemo drugs I've had this is a picnic. Occasional fatigue. Dry throat, mouth and skin.

But if this stuff works on the cancer I'm all over it.

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