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Oh sure Bruce, doctor took a long weekend did he? :roll::P:wink:

I think they do this to check our hearts too! If we can make it an extra couple of days, then they must think we're good to go! :P:lol::lol:

Keeping you in my prayers for good news!

TRY and have a nice weekend. Hope your feeling better. I got the crud too, and it's not fun!

Hang in there.

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Hey Bruce,

Just stopped in for a few minutes but couldn't not post.

I will keep everything crossed for you but I think I can only do that for a few days so you need to corner your doctor :roll: . Maybe we should start calling our doctors at home when they don't give us the results when we're supposed to get them :twisted:

Anyway, will be looking for your post. And it DOES sound like just a cold or something, lots going around...

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Bruce...you too huh?...I sure do know the feeling...but like we all say....no way getting around it...I will be saying special prayers'for you....I am supposed to call on tuesday for mine...I will call and block my ears....I HATE this monster disease...I hope and pray we all live to see the day it is wiped out completely....I pray every night for that...

Bruce ...think positive...you are 2 and 1/2 yrs out and that my friend is a good sign...hugs...PamS.

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