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It it's not one thing...

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Yup, it's another. Mom has been in terrible pain since Saturday for what she assumed was a kidney stone. It hasn't gotten any better, so she spent the last two days with three doctors, two testing visits to the hospital, and has a plan. She has to have surgery Friday morning for the three stones lodged somewhere uncomfortable.

With her poor kidney functioning and osteomy, this is just wreaking havoc with her system. At least it isn't cancer-related :roll: that is something. My main concern, however, is that we have been told twice that she can't go under anesthesia, because of her poor pulmonary functioning. I'm hoping they have a plan here. Since mom went to the Dr alone ( fodder for a different post--got a bit of grief from the folks at work) she didn't even ASK what surgical procedure they are doing, nor did she tell them of her past complications. :shock:

Hopefully things will fall into place before Friday. Please pray for her.

:) Kelly

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Hi Kelly,

I hope you find out what kind of anesthesia they are going to administer to her.

I wish her all the luck, for a successful operation and a fast recovery. She will feel so much better with those nasty stone out.

Take care,


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Prayers on their way. Maybe you can call the doctor in the case and speak to him that way. At least you would not have to leave your workplace. It is important that someone understand exactly what is going on. You might also want to run it by her regular doctor. He should have most all of her records and would be a good judge of what you should do.


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I know how stressful this stuff is at times. We want to be there for our Moms every minute....but sometimes it just isn't possible.

I'm glad to hear that you are keeping up on the details of the appointments even when you can't be there.

I'll say a prayer that everything will work out before your Moms surgery.

Keep the faith and please let us know how she is doing.



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