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extreme fatigue from new chemo regimen


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Hello all :D

I have another question to ask you group of experts!!

I know I read the other day that there are medications that can be taken to curb fatigue from the chemotherapy. But, I can't find it anywhere.

Tried doing a search and couldn't find what I was looking for, so I'm hoping that you guys can help me here.

My Mom has been taking the avastin/taxotere combo and is VERY tired. I was wondering if there was anything that seemed to help any of you with this side effect. I was hoping to get some information for her doctor appointment on Monday.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Often with chemo, the good blood cells are destroyed along with bad things. (To put it very simply.) Are they checking her blood counts? The drugs used when the blood counts are low are aranesp and neulasta. There are two others (that do the same things) but they have to be administered more often. Hopefully one of our RN members can give you a better explanation. Good luck

Muriel K

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I used to have weekly shots of a red cell builder called Procrit. I was anemic (around 8.0 and should be at least 11.0 if i remember correctly). I had those shots for about 1 -2 months to build up my red blood cells because I was anemic and quite weak. They worked. Also, maybe red meat and broccoli and spinach would be good for iron content. Also, red wine is good to build up the blood. Soooo..... go and have a good spaghetti dinner, lots of spinach sauteed in garlic with tomatoes, some beef braciole and red wine. Oh, can I come too! :wink: Try that!


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If it's not her counts, other health issues etc. I would ask for something. There is Magase (also helps for appetite - comes in liquid from) Provigil, Ritalin, Concerta (in the Ritalin family I believe) to name a few. I have tried them all. The Magase (did not help with fatigue, makes you eat, I could eat in a coma anyways) and the Provgigil (made thinks even worse) did not help me. The Ritalin I was on for I think over a year and it really made a differences until it ran it's course. Just started Concerta (12 hours - slow/time released) and I can tell right of the bat it helps. Now to cut to the chase Ritalin and Concerta are speed, a controlled substances, not everyone's cup of tea. I have had no side effects from them, but everyone is different and reacts differently. Worth asking the doctor to see what she/he says. If one tries and has a problem, one can always stop. Also below is a link that has good info about chemo side effects etc. Hope this helps. Prayers for the best for you and your mom Milanda. Rich.

BTW: Ritalin and Cocerta - one needs to have a paper prescription to bring in (hand carried) every month if one goes in that direction.

http://www.chemocare.com (ChemoCare)

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