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Getting to Know You - November 03


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Based on the life my cat has, I would want to come back as a domestic house cat in a good loving home, talk about the "good life". For awhile I thought I would want to be a tiger, but then I would have to hunt for food and sleep outside, nope I'll take the house cat road. :lol:


Husband Alan DX small cell lung cancer Jan 10th 2005

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You know deb, I would have to agree with you. I have four...count 'em...four...cats and they are all purrfectly pampered. They want for nothing. The hardest thing they have to do is decide which window to sun themselves in. I think that would be a wonderful life....just sitting around waiting to hear the hum of the can opener.

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Seems like the cats have it!

I'd like my cat's life now..........don't know about waiting to come back as one!!

My husband would prepare my food, clean the toilet, pamper me AND I could ignore him whenever I felt like it - what a life.



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Well, I have both cats and dogs, but I don't think I'd mind being a well-loved, well-treated house cat. Just as long as my human didn't want me de-clawed! Yeow!

But I've so often been out in the country and watched a beautiful flock of birds flying by or floating on a glassy lake and thought I'd like to be one of them. If I could live where there were no hunters (human hunters), I'd choose a life of flight.

I think I could even learn to enjoy swallowing worms and grubs if I could enjoy the feeling of flying and living as part of a lifelong community.


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I have 3 cats and I think I would choose a cat. They live a life of leisure, coming and going as they like, napping when they like, jumping up into a nice warm lap or sitting in the sun on a window sill. I guess one of the best things about being a cat is ... They have 9 lives!

God Bless,


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An otter.

I was fishing on a country lake one day from shore where two lakes joined together. I didn't have my stringer with me, so the fish I was going to keep, I just threw high up near the roadside.

While down there catching my own fish, I watched a momma otter and her kits... so cute! She was teaching them to fish. They were all scurrying over the stones and licking themselves dry.

Pretty soon I heard this crunch crunch crunch coming from up over my head on the roadside..

I trekked up there and what did I see? One of those babies, devouring one of my nice fish! Ohhhh he was cute! I stuck the end of my fishing rod at him..."Give me back MY fish!!!"

No response..

Crunch crunch crunch...


He takes my fish and pulls it into the weeds and keeps on munching on it...

Little dickens!

Gave me the giggles.

I would like to come back as a cute little otter and fish all day long. Swim. Enjoy the shoreline, the minnows, the snakes, and the crazy woman with the pointy rod stuck in my nose.

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I started to say a dog but thought about all of the cat things and decided a cat would be better. I like the idea of being so independant while still depending on humans to supply the warmth and food.

I would want to make sure I was a female cat tho. I don't think being spayed would be nearly as bad as being nutered :!:

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I would definitely want to be my dog, Dagwood. Never has there ever been such a spoiled, loved and over-fed beast!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is spoiled ROTTEN. But of course, he gives it back 100% with love and affection (lots a licks) What a lucky b.....d. Everyday we go off to work and say "bye-bye be a good boy, see you later!: I just know the minute the door closes, he flips on the TV and watches "Today" and "Ellen" and all the soaps while sipping tea and soakin' his feet! For sure, he's not doing the laundry! What a life! :lol::lol:


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Definetly a cat. But not an indoor cat. Like our cat she goes out and comes in. But since she is 15 years old she stays around the house now. But she used to wounder. I always said I would like to put a little camera on her back to she the adventures she got herself into.

She is like a dog, she actually listens to us. She has spoiled us. She would be a hard act to follow if we get another cat in the future when Kelsey is gone. I don't want to think about that.


Maryanne :wink:


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I think I would like to be an eagle. They have such a boldness and strength about them. I saw a movie one time where the main character saw the world through an eagle's eyes! WOW!!! What a vision!



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