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Feeling Better


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Just wanted to let everyone know that Mom is feeling MUCH better. She woke up Wednesday morning and TOLD herself she was not going to feel sick anymore. She took the painkiller, took a nap and had some food when she woke up. Soon after the pain was much less and she feels and sounds much better. She's trying to take in as much fluids as possible b/f her chemo on Monday. She's also been able to eat her favorite food, cottage cheese (yuck!). Thanks for your prayers!!

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Glad to hear your mom is feeling much better. I think sometimes, we just have to get our minds to over ride our bodies. Anyway, glad to hear she is doing much better. I'm sure you're very relieved.

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Funny...I'm not a huge fan of cottage cheese...but have eaten a fair amount of it lately, as it goes down pretty easy on my persistently upset tummy. Your mom and I might be mooing one of these days, eh? :wink:

Glad to know your mom is doing better. Tell here to keep that positive attitude...as it really does help more than it would ever hurt. Hope she keeps on getting better each day.

Keep us posted.

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