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Lung Cancer Alliance Petition


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The Lung Cancer Alliance website has a petition posted to try and get lung cancer made a national public health priority.

You can fill it out online or download a printable version and mail it in.

As of this posting only 1475 people have signed it. I think that number is frighteningly low.

I hope everyone here puts their name to it and asks their family and friends to do the same thing!


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Yes it is low, however this petition has been going around for abuot 6 years now that I know of and we have even had it posted on this board about 3 + times. There is a post about 4 months ago that asked everyone to sign this. A lot of our members did so.

As much as I wish these petitions worked, in most cases they don't. I remember bringing this petition from ALCASE (ALC) to my support groups and to our Cancer Events here in MN and having people sign them. I sent them back to ALCASE but never heard what ever happened to them. Wish they would post an update or something about the outcome of this long running petition.

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