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few questions


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Sorry for all the questions and not so many responses. I still feel new to all of this, and dont feel right giving advice just yet. But i do think and pray for you all. Here are some more questions.

1. Last time the side effect of the chemo were really terrible. She has another treatment Monday. They changed the anti-nausea meds this time. Is there anything we can do beforehand to help with the symptoms (e.g. more water)

2. How many chemo treatments is the usual "standard"?

3. How long after treatments start do the dr.'s usually do scans? after everything is done? or before?

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Well my mom had those chemos as well. She had Cisplatin on Monday than Etoposide Mon- Fri. in what I believe was like a 3 or 5 week interval. However, I think treatment is different for everyone and the amount of time and when they get it. My mom had a pancoast tumor not sure if that would change the way she recieved it or not. Anyways, if any of that made since to you I hope it helped. Good luck!

Ohh... and yes make sure she drinks plenty of water just a good thing to do.

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I am sclc (limited)as well. I would go in for 3 days straight and get both the carboplatin and etoposide on the same day, every 21 days. I had 4 cycles. They were able to remove my tumor surgically (had to remove it to biopsy it). At first I was given Kytril for nausea, didn't work, then they gave my Zofran and it worked. Just be sure she doesn't get dehydrated - that happened to me and I ended up going in on the 4th day of chemo for fluids only. Hope this is some help. I think my oncologist did scans about a month after I finished chemo.


Nancy B

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