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Getting new scans done today need some good vibes.


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I'm at the point where I WISH they would scan a bit more often. Seriously. It's harder for me to wait to BE scanned or MRId again, than waiting for the results of same.

I feel like they are keeping a close eye on you, which is very good. As you know, Topo stopped working for me. Maybe if they'd scanned me sooner, they'd have caught things before the liver tumors grew all the way back to their orig. size.

Be happy they are watching you closely. And of course, know we're vibing you and waiting to hear some happy results.

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Jen, never forget that we are all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. I always get tense and anxious before scans and tests. I fight it but the worry of what will be found often controls my demeanor and thoughts. thinking about and praying for your five blessings of children and caring husband. What a treasure to have a family around you that loves you. Continuing in prayer for you. pammie

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Hi Jen !

I hope you are making the best of the weekend- I know how hard it is waiting for the results but I agree with Addie in that they are keeping a close eye on you which is better than being one who "falls through the cracks"

Would you be able to get results quicker if they were being done on a weekday- if so maybe your doc could order them so that you get your results faster and don't have to be on pins and needles for two days.....You are in my thoughts and prayers miss Jen-

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