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New mass discovered turns out to be a nipple!


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Hi everyone,

I got such a scare this morning. My Chemo onc wanted an x-ray this morning before we met. The tech came back in and said the radiologist wanted another picture. I asked "why did they find something?" She said, "Yes, there is a new mass and it is not a shadow" I went up to meet with the chemo onc, who came beebooping in and stated,"Everything is great! Your blood work is all normal and you are tolerating the treatment well. The tumor has shrunk!!!!!!"

I was crying and said, " But what about the new mass on the other side of my chest?" To which Dr. Denham replied, "What mass....I believe that is a NIPPLE!" Oh sobs of joy abounded as Jack and I hugged one another. Then we had a good belly laugh afterwards! I didn't seem to mind the Cisplat? VP16 cocktail too awfully bad for the next almost 8 hours, plus the radiation treatment today, knowing that it is working!


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I couldn't be happier for you guys! Wonderful news that the tumor has shrunk and that you are hanging in there so well! I had a good chuckle over the nipple episode!. Sending positive vibes your way.

Do we need a new picture of Jack's updated coif??? 8)

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Though that probably wasn't funny at the time, it sure is a great chuckle now. I seemed good to read something uplifting and funny. Just goes to show you WHY its a good thing that most of the time the techs won't give you any information.

Keep the good news coming!

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