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Going home for two days...freaking out!

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Well, I have been in Utah for over a month and really need to go home to San Francisco for a few days...I need clothes, need to see my husband and need to get away. I can't believe how stressed out I am! Both my dad and brother are here in Utah...I guess it is time for them to learn how to help my mom (?)

I keep thinking that this new baby is going to be here in 4-5 weeks, and I won't be able to do EVERYTHING then.

Am I crazy to feel anxious about leaving? I may be losing my mind. :)

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You are not losing your mind, you just love your Mother and want to make sure she gets the best possible care. But you need some clean clothes (just teasing). You need to see your husband and take care of yourself for a few days. Your Dad and brother will rise to the occasion.

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Holly, your mom will be fine. At least she is not alone. You dad and brother will make due, believe me.

I just wish you were staying longer than 2 days. You need time to unwind and be less stressed. It is not good for the baby to be so stressed out. You need Holly time. And Holly time is being with her husband and planning for the arrival of your baby.

Please relax and enjoy your visit home. You are an incredibly wonderful daughter. You mom is so lucky to have you by her side.


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Hey, have a good trip Hollyanne. A short absence will give you the opportunity to put your head into a different space for a while. I would expect that anyone's mind would be going a million miles an hour when contemplating leaving the care of a loved one to others for a short while. This will be a good opportunity for your dad and brother to work out a system to use when you are not as avaliable due to the impending birth of your baby. Just go ahead and attend to your needs at home. After a while you will be able to relax. I think your dad and brother will do just fine.

Don M

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Enjoy this return home and try and take some time for you. You need to be healthy and strong not only for your sake, but also to be able to be there for your mom and her first grandchild. I know that must be something that is really special and important to her.

Your father and brother also love your mom, and will do all in their power to make sure she gets all the care and support she needs while you take care of those things you must.

So, you feel like you might not be able to do EVERYTHING. That is not uncommon for an expectant mother. You are about to change your entire world and experience and be responsible for so many new and scary things. But for you that feeling is doubled in that you must be feeling that emotion and stress at the expected arrival, as well as those same feelings associated with the new and scary experiences you are going through with your mom. Just remember, you are a wonderful loving daughter who will do the best you can in all things. That is the best you can expect and the most you can ask for. You can't do everything, you are only human, but since you are acting out of love, what you do will be amazing, and for those things you can't do you must have faith that those around you will pick up the difference and give you support.

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