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Walking Down That Same Road

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Hello Everyone,

I found a link to this site recently and started to check it out. This site has helped me more than you all know, everyone here is so positive and supportive, and that is exactly what I need right now. In January of 1987 I lost my grandfather to lung cancer, in April of 2002 I lost my grandmother to Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and in 2003 the year I was married I lost my father in law to Lung cancer. My father was recently diagnosed with NSCLC. He is a diabetic and has numerous problems with his diabetes. Last year he started to have problems where he would just start choking for no reason, after seeing the doctor they thought he had a problem with Acid reflux, did a gastroscopy and all was clear, they said nothing was wrong. In Late September he lost his voice, once again went to the doctor, dr sent him to ENT. ENT said he lost his voice because his vocal chord was paralyzed, and sent him for CT. CT revealed small tumor in right upper lung and one lymphnode, dr suspected stage III lung cancer. Went for surgical biopsy in late October, unable to perform frozen section because tumor too close to artery, however able to do scrub and wash. This revealed NSCLC. Went for CT, CT of Head, Abdomin and Pelvis all clear, PET all clear THANK GOD!!! Possibly not in lymphnode as suspected. Waiting for Dr to call with staging. Next step oncologist. The waiting is the worst. Dad is anxious to get treatment started. I am too however I question my strength and am very afraid to be walking down this same road all over again. I have been there stairing this ugly disease in the face too many times, I worry that I can't bear to see my father go through what I have watched happen already with those I love. I again am desperate and feeling the overwhelming need to fix this but am also feeling quite helpless knowing that the only thing I can do is support him and help him in any way I can. I have had many many long talks with God and I know that now isn't his time. This disease can not and will not take another of my so very much loved ones. Yet still the fear and worry keeps me tossing and turning and my thoughts going a millioin miles an hour. At least until I found this site, reading the posts from all of you and knowing that there are survivors out there has helped me tremendously. I can never pray enough and now all of you are in my prayers as well. From the bottom of my heart I wish you all the luck in the world. I know somehow someway there are enough mircales for everyone to have...to hold on to....

Thank You All,


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Welcome , it sounds like you are not new to this disease. I am so sorry that it has again shown up in another loved one. Sounds like the tests are showing an early stage, I hope so. Please keep us posted. Donna G

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Kim,welcome to our support family.There are many knowing and caring people here.

There are many new treatments available for lung cancer now that were not here years ago.New meds,more options,etc.Those long talks with God are important as well.

Many of us here with nsclc that are getting by ok.

Hang in there and keep a good attitude and keep the faith.

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Welcome, Kim! Hang in there with us. We will continue to support each other. It is even more difficult, I think, for someone to have a parent (or a sibling) with lung cancer because it not only threatens the loved one, but genetically, it threatens you as well. Know that there are many survivors here and take heart and have hope. Don

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Hi Kim

Welcome here. I am sorry for the pain this disease has caused you in the past and now the present. But please know that the future can be bright. Like Frank pointed out there is new treatments they did not have years ago. LC is not the death sentence it once was. Keep a positive Additude that he will get better. Once he starts his treatments, he will start to feel better.

You are doing the right thing, being there for him. That is the most positive thing you can do. If you can, go to his appointments and listen to what the doc tells you. Bring notes if you have questions, and take notes while you are there, so you will not forget what the doc said.

If you have questions you want to ask here, ask away. There is so many knowledgable people here.

We are here for you.

You dad is in my prayers.


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Welcome Kim

I know you are feeling helpless now but believe me the best thing you can do for your dad is be there when he needs you and love him. Love goes a long way is this fight as I am sure you know.

Don't believe that you can't do this again. It may feel that way now but you can and will do it. YOu have no choice and your dad needs you. You have made the first step toward doing it again just by joining us here.

I pray that his health will improve and that soon he will have no more cancer. Just know that when you talk to God you have a lot more of us here talking with you. Lillian

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Welcome Kim,

I am glad you found this site. You will soon learn that the people here are an invaluable source of support and wisdom.

Right now, you are in one of the hardest parts of this diagnosis. The time where you are still feeling the raw pain and shock of the diagnosis and the helplessness before treatment and the fight begins. Once you start fighting this beast, things fall into a routine, and you get the comfort that comes with feeling you are doing something to beat this.

Like those ahead of me have said, there is more hope and treatment options now in this fight than there was even 2 years ago. I too lost a couple of loved ones to this disease; an aunt to SCLC in 1998 and an uncle to NSCLC in 1997. Things for my husband are much different than what we experienced with them, and we are not giving up any hope.

It is a hard road to travel, and you feel like you can't do this again, but you do have the strength in you. You just have to take every day one day at a time and enjoy every moment and every day like the gift that it is. And when you feel weak and need help, we are here for you.

God Bless, you and your father are in my prayers


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