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Another set back....


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Well here we go again like we all have'nt heard this before.Wife just got the result's of her latest CT and MRI and it was not good.The Cancer (tumor) is showing back up in her lung again and sign's of it in the Liver also. So it's off her latest treatment's (cpt-11&taxol) and back to CP16 and carbo 3 day's a week every 3 week's. But the Wife is in good Humor and told the Doc well let's keep fighting and he agreed. I really hate sharing bad new's with you all and would like to try Sharing some good new's again. But like Saint Padre Pio said Tell your problem's to GOD and not worry as he know's best.....

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God Bless her for having GOOD HUMOR! As hard as that can be at times, I think we really need to keep the humor up to get through the rough spots.

I'll continue to keep you BOTH in my prayers.

Tell her to SUIT UP she has a little battle ahead and one that CAN be WON! :wink:

I'm sending you both postitive vibes.

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