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Prayers for Arrow, please


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My dear, dear old doggie, Arrow, just came home from the vet and she doesn't have much time ahead of her. She has terrible arthritis all up and down her spine and is having a hard time with stiffness and pain. She's starting Rimadyl today and I hope that will take away the pain soon. It will also shorten her life, unfortunately, due to liver side effects.

We also found out she has an enlarged heart, a tumor in her chest, thyroid disease, and bladder stones! So, no matter what the Rimadyl does, she's near the end of her time with us. Don't know if we're talking before or after Christmas.

It's odd, but, when I was first dx'd and I was trying to find some "positive" stuff in this whole experience, I thought, "Well, at least I won't outlive my pets. I'll never have to experience that loss again." I'm glad I'm still here, but here is that dreadful goodbye coming closer again.

I won't let her suffer no matter what. But she's always been a loving, loyal family member to me and I'd feel better knowing people were wishing Arrow well and sending caring thoughts to a dear doggie.

Thanks. Some people may think, "she's only a dog," but love is love and I love her very much.


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I have said goodbye to Baron ( terrier), Kenoe ( Siberian Husky) , Rusty (Airdale) , and Mitch ( tri-colored Collie) . It is always so hard to loose such a trusting, non judgemental, affectionate friend as your dog.

Mitch was on Rimadyl the last year and it really helped him a lot to get going in the morning. He used to wake up stiff and hurting and struggle to get up off the floor.

I have 2 half breed border collies now (Rocky and Sally). Donna G

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Brian and I have lost Toby( Brian's blind Cocker Spaniel) and Pogo (my rescued sadly abused Poodle who became Toby's eyes).

It is still raw and sore. Toby died of old age and Pogo just could not stand any more sadness or pain in his pathetic little life so he crawled under our bed and died.

Before my Pogo I lost Dolly (Manchester Terrier) and Bicky Bac (wonderful mutt) and an Appaloosa named Muddy Cheifton.

Brian and I count on the Rainbow Bridge that Dean Carl described.

It is time for a new dog for us..........but not sure we can handle a puppy right now.

Lots of love

and good thoughts for Arrow and a prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi for your friend.


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You have my love and prayers for you and Arrow. I loved my dogs so much. When I lost my last one, I cried 6 months. She was on Rimadyl quite a while before we had to have her put down. As a young pup, she was a real hole digger. The bad thing was she would dig the holes and then have a puppy fit and run and run. One day she ran and really pulled her leg causing an injury that turned into an arthritic condition in later years. The Rimadyl did help. I hope it will relieve Arrow's pain. My heart goes out to you.



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I know the heartache and the pain that you feel about your beloved dog. I had 'Jojo' who was actually my children's dog. After they grew up and left home Jojo and I were growing old together. I miss her. She was definitely a member of the family.My heart goes out to you at this difficult time.


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I'm hoping the medicine gives Arrow's joints a good boost. Jim and I only had dog children and they definitely become the real thing. We lost Dumbo in 1995 and mourned her loss for 5 years before adopting Estee and Sadie from a rescue organization.

They said to tell Arrow they hope she feels better after her doctor's visit and they want me to remind you to give her extra special treats.


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I am adding Arrow to my prayer list.

There is no such thing as "only a dog". My pets are my children and I love them like family. I know that some people would raise their brows at that, or think that I am pathetic but I think those people are missing out on something great. I've lost my terrier mix (Lady) and calico cat (Tinker) and still feel their loss after over 7 years. If only all people were as loving and loyal as our pets this world would be heaven on earth.

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So sorry for Arrow,

Over the years we had to say good bye to

many of our dear friends and the pain is

always there each time I think of one of


Prayers for Arrow are on the way for fun

days and relief.

One of our dogs had bad arthritis but still

with medication he had an active life pass

seventeen years.



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When they suffer, we suffer.

I had a very badboy Samoyed...(Niche) I loved that dog tons more than the man who gave him to me.

TimmyTom (orange tabby 18 y.o.), doesn't care for dogs too much, but he is wishing Arrow good healing and good health and good days without pain. Now he is tired from saying all that, so he is down for a nap after a few lazy licks.

love, Cindi o'h and Tim

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"Dogs have so many friends because they wag their tails, not their tongues" - Proverb quotes

Thank you, everyone! You know, it's so comforting just to post on this site because, even as you click SUMBIT, you know there will be cyber hugs and understanding coming right back to you! :D

Arrow was doing really poorly when I brought her home from the vet yesterday - just looked miserable, wobbly. I thought for sure maybe we'd made a mistake and were only prolonging her suffering. Mark and I didn't spend the ebst of nights last night.

Turns out, she is MUCH BETTER today!!!! :D I think she was still coming out from the sedation they gave her at the vet and, now that it has completely worn off, she is more like her old self! She had her first Rimadyl yesterday, too.

This morning, she actually climbed onto the bed and the couch by herself and went for a long walk around our property by herself. Her ears perk up when you talk to her and she wags her tail more often! I'm soooo relieved.

Thanks for being there for me. Until proven otherwise, I'm gonna believe she'll respond well to the Rimadyl and we'll have a happy doggie around a while longer!


P.S. Arrow says thank you, too. She lives with (and tolerates) cats, so she gives a qualified thank you to Timmy Tom!

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We lost 5 dogs in 37 years (Pug, Poppy, Fuzzy Butt, Gretchen, and Shelby). I cried and cried over each one of them. The last one, Shelby, was the hardest! They were all good dogs, good friends and we loved them to pieces. I now have two dogs, Lady and Daisy and they are my "bestest buddies."

I am glad to hear that Arrow is feeling better today. I just bet she has more time than you think, Leslie. Dogs just have an incredible ability to bounce back and give you more of their love.



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I'm sorry I missed the post until now but I do want you to know I am also an animal lover and have 3 cats and would love a dog but hubby doesnt want one :-((

I grew up having a dog that I loved so much and I understand the love of any pet. My prayers that Arrow continues to improve and gives you lots more love as I know you give him!

God Bless,


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Hoping Arrow can keep up the fight and continue to get better :D

It's hell losing a dog, and you're right, they are NOT just a dog, they are faithful loving companions.

I can't imagine my life without at least one dog in it.

Right now I have two and they are my babies.

The one in the Avatar is Natalie and is always on my lap, she go's with me pretty much where ever I go.


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