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Vacation during Christmas


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Hi, I can't wait to share my excitement that I will go to Perth, Australia for 8 days with my husband during christmas time. We been married for 5 years that we want to celebrate it plus travelling as frequent as possible before having a baby! I will be there for visiting Perth, Fremantle and Rockinghamd and Margaret River. Would join the Swimming with dolphins tour, winery tour, lake canoeing, snorkelling etc.

Anyone who have been there before? I definitely will share pictures after return with all of you - all my family and friends from differnt part of the world.

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We went to Perth last year and toured Western Australia in a motor home, their campgrounds are terrific.

It was a wonderful trip, a little cool as we went in Oct/Nov (their spring) but the flowers and trees in bloom were great.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the road trains........tractor trailers with TWO extra trailers (about 56 meters long)... they travel on 2-way roads at or above the speed limit. They were totally awesome and really scary when they passed us!

Check out what they can, and do, put on a burger....fried eggs, beets, cole slaw, you name it, we were amazed.

I'm sure that you'll have a wonderful time, happy aniversary.


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