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I am a 50 year old,non-smoker who was diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC March 22, 2005. Mine was an incidental finding on a CT of my abdomen as the tech went a little higher and lower than most do. On this he found a 2cm mass in the right lower lobe of my lung. I went through alot of testing with CT of my chest, PET scan etc. I saw a pulmonologist and a cardiothoracic surgeon who did surgery to remove the mass and subsequently found alot of smaller masses throughout my right lung and after sending these to pathology this put me at Stage IV due to the angiolymphatic invasion. I work at an Oncologist's office so three weeks after my surgery I was immediately started on chemotherapy (Carboplatin/Taxotere) every 21 days for 6 cycles. My first chemo was awful due to nausea but they soon got my antinausea medications straightened out so the last few chemo treatments were not so bad. I have been off of chemo since June 28th and I have been scanned every 6-8 weeks and so far my cancer is "stable". To say that I am not scared is an understatement but I have alot of love and support from my family, friends and alot of the patient's that we see. I just did return to work full time 4 days a week. I joined this so I can get more support and information from others who have the same disease as I do. My motto is to "Be strong" and "Stay positive" although hard to do on some days, for the most part I do.

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Hi, Debra, and welcome to our site. Good to have you join us. Lots of support and info here. My wife has Stage IV NSCLC, non-smoker, and is a 3-year survivor so far. She also had Taxotere and Carboplatin when she was first diagnosed, and, although it was hard on her, it worked. She also had radiation since she had 5 different bone mets. She is presently under her third chemo protocol and doing fine. Don

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Welcome, Debra.

You have a great attitude! Do you know what kind of NSCLC you have? I wanted to let you know I, too, had multiple tumors in my right lung with some mediastinal lymph node involvement. I had a salvage pneumonectomy of my right lung for Stage IV disease back in 2003. I am currently dealing with recovery from a left Lung Wedge Resection for a new Primary and Stage I disease.

I'm a very glad you found us. You are not alone on this journey.

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Welcome Debra,

I am so sorry that you have to endure this journey but I am glad you found this site! We are a family here that shares many things good and bad. I am sure you will find strength, support and a feeling of belonging here. You are in my prayers,

God Bless you,


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Welcome, Debra. Many of us have found our way here by accident - to the board AND to the world of cancer. Let me tell ya, I really, REALLY don't care for surprises any more...

You've found a great place for information, support and hope. I live by the John Wayne quote in my signature "Courage is being scared to death - and saddling up anyway."

Luck to you, and welcome again,


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Debra,welcome to our support family.You will find many knowing and caring people here.

Just about anything that comes along on this journey,someone here has been there and done it and can give advice & support.

Being scared at times is very natural,however as you read all the signatures (under the posts) you will see that many of us are hanging in there.

Keep up your good attitude and popsitive thinking.

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Hello Debra

Sorry to read about your diagnosis. My husband, Barry, was diagnosed with LC April 04. He too had surgery and they found it was more extensive than previously thought. He has been on Iressa (similar to Tarceva) for almost a year and currently is working and leading a normal life (apart from the worry). He too is a never smoker.

Best wi;shes


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Hi Debra,

I just want to welcome you to ouf family. We are a very knowledgeable and very supportive group. I know how scared you are but I am so glad you had your treaments and everything is stable.

We are always for you.


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Hello and welcome! You and I are the same age, so you must have been watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan that first show at the same time I was! Whoulda thought we'd grow up and meet on this board, both diagnosed stage IV in early 2005?

Whatever you go through with this experience, you never have to go through it alone. There are so many of us here, there are plenty of people available to understand you, comfort you, and really know what you're talking about. It takes a lot of the scariness out of it for me. Safety in numbers, I guess. :wink:

Do you find it a blessing or curse - working with an oncologist? Makes it hard for you to use work as an opportunity to forget about it for a while. I'll bet that gives you a perspective most of us don't have.

Look forward to getting to know you better in time,


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