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Heathers NJ walk, yesterday/updated pics added


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The walk went great!! We couldn't ask for better weather, in the low 70's.

Heather did one heck of an incredible job of getting this together :mrgreen: I am sure she will update us as for as the amount of people there, money raised etc.

Ginny sent Katie a picture of Kathy (Harn), who is also a member here. She was on Heather’s committee and along with her husband, was giving out water, fruit and pretzels at the half way point.

Also, I am soooooo proud of Joel. He walked the 5 miles. Could you believe it?? He hasn't really walked far since his operation last year. I thought he would only do the 1 mile, but no he walk the whole trail. :D

I can't wait to hear from Heather how much money was raised.

There was a booth set up of LCSC with lots of information about our support group.

I raised over $800.00 in pledges...Not bad for not having an office to help contribute. just relatives and friends. Some gave $5.00 a mile, some gave $10.00.

This was my first walk, and I will definitely get involved next year to help out.

Pic of us girls; left to right- Ginny De, Heather, Gail and little (really little) ole me.

Other pic, Joel with thumbs up after walk.




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Wow...how inspiring!!! Congrats to all on a job well done!! :D

Heather, I think it's amazing that you find the time and energy to pull it all off.

And Joel...what can I say...What a hero!! (altho' I believe, Maryanne, that you are as much a part of that success as Joel - you give him the strength :wink: )

Now, time for a foot soak/massage, a good book, and a cool drink!



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Thanks for doing what you did for all of us struggling with the dx of LC, Maryanne. I, for one, appreciate it so much. I am so disappointed not to have been able to be there to meet you guys. Walking 5 miles sounds a WHOLE lot easier than babysitting 2 grandsons for the weekend :? !

Your new pic is awesome. You both look so different than in the last one! You look like a honeymooning couple in their 30's 8) !

Thanks again to all of you in NJ!



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