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Dad's tumor shrinkage


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:D Thank you for your all prayers. Dad just met Dr. Doctor said, the tumor has been shrunk so well after four rounds chemo, my Dad will start the 5th round tomorrow.

According to the X-ray slide, doctor said, from 3-Dimension view, the tumor is shrunk to 1/10 left of the original size AND from 2-dimension view, the tumor is shrunk to less than 1/3 left of the original size.


But I have a question, should I count the 3-Dimension rather than the 2-Dimension? What is the difference ??

Doctor said, after all chemo are finished, my Dad will take one month rest and start to have the preventive brain radiation. Total 10 times brain radiation. Is it normal ?

Thank you again and it is really encouraging.

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That is great news! I don't know about the 3-d versus 2-d; you might want to call American Cancer Society's hotline (1-800-ACS-2345) and ask them. They have research oncologists on staff who can help. Same with brain radiation question. What I have read is that doing the preventive radiation is normal and a good thing. My mom had 2 brain mets, which had "focused" radiation, plus 15 whole head preventive treatments. Her case is a little different, since it was more than just preventive. But ACS should be able to help answer your questions; they've helped me a lot.

Keep the good news coming! And I'll keep praying for more good news for us all.


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