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OK not as exciting as the sex post that Connie posted but never the less - How many husbands tell the wives "ok, I'll make the chicken cutlets" of course after you've breaded cutlets. Then they go cookin' them and then the EAT HALF OF THEM!!! THEN THEY COMPLAIN THEY'RE WARM (THE GUY, I MEAN) Then they have to take a break because they NEED TO REST while YOU FOLD THE LAUNDRY THAT YOU JUST DID ALL BY YOURSELF!!!!!!! DURING THIS REST, OF COURSE, THEY HAVE TO WATCH FOOTBALL TILL YOUR HOUSE FILLS WITH SMOKE AND YOU HAVE TO TELL THEM TO TURN THE CUTLETS!!!!!! AND PLEASE WALK THE DOG BEFORE HE PASSES OUT. BOY, I LOVE SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanie (Still glad i'm here, though!)(

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Last weekend my husband "made" this awesome dinner.

He grilled ( and burnt to a crisp) some steak tips (that I had marinated all day), he teamed them with potato salad and coleslaw (that I had made earlier) and then when dinner was over complimented himself (as usual) on the delicious dinner HE had prepared.

His excuse for the burnt meat was that he had become engrossed in a TV program that I had been watching so in essence it was my fault that most of the meat was inedible!!!!

What a man.......I guess I'll keep him!


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How about this. My hubby has a few days off work. He purchased a new bathroom vanity, sink and medicine cabinet. Silly silly me thinking my guest bath was getting a face lift. He spent those days washing winter blankets (michigan) cleaning house and watching the new Star Wars movie three times(so i didnt have to watch it with him)


At least I wasn't surprised. He did finally do the bathroom but only to get me off his back.OH well its better than a beer guzly womanizer. Im sorry didnt mean to bring up my ex.


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At least your husbands try to do some cooking. :shock:

Joel does zero, zip in the cooking department. Doesn't even barbacue. I do everything thing as far as cooking.

My next life I am coming back as a man... It is a mans world. :roll: But we have ways of getting the perks.

Maryanne :wink:

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wow I am jealous of all you ladies who get the "burnt" food LOL my husband will not even cook something I have already prepared! If I ask him to cook or "make" me something he says "where do you want me to go?" Cooking is out of the question, to him at least, that is a woman's job :roll: so I don't even get burnt food :lol: but hey, at least he helps with the cleaning :D so what if he bleaches the darks, they're clean right?!? :wink:

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