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Four years behind me.


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Four years, can it really be that long. Seems like yesterday in some ways and like a lifetime ago in others.

For any newly dx readers, it does happen, long term suriviors are out there. We're doing all the things that we always did. We're shopping for groceries, doing laundry, driving car pool, going to work, all the mundane things that take on new importance after dx.

Now, when I fix my hair every day it's hard to remember walking around with no hair for all those months....boy, was I ever fast getting ready in the mornings!

I thought I knew what fatigue was until I was in the throes of tx......I had no idea! I soon cottoned on to the fact that I was better off giving in to it and napping whenever the need arose, and did I nap - our sofa has never been the same!

I guess I'm posting this to give hope to everyone who thinks that their eulogy needs to be written imediately upon dx, as long as we wake up in the morning the cancer has not won the war. Battles may be plenty, side effects for me were far worse than my cancer symptoms. I'm still here to tell the tale and lung cancer is no longer my whole identity.

A positive attitude and a very warped, sick sense of humor got me this far and I hope will take me the rest of the way through a very long life........after all I've not yet repaid my daughter for her teenage years!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck everyone, may you have the same outcome as me.


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Cindi you have no idea how long the payback list is, I'm going to have to live forever.

It consists of things like :

After dinner mints in the bathrooom sink - we think there was a shortage of water in her bathroom which also accounted for the mess on the taps and mirror!

NEVER use a coat hanger or boot tray (we're from the north) - coats to be dropped on the first available surface closest to the door and boots are to be kicked against the nearest wall!

The list is endless but my all time favorite will have to wait as I still have my own teeth........dentures on the dinner table to make up for the retainer that was always forgotten until after the meal had started!!!!!! (this one was threatened for her first dinner party after I get old).

Yes I am warped and my daughter has been known to groan aloud on many occasions, but hey, it beats handwringing any day.

Have a good day


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I've aleady congratulated you on your 4 year anniversary. Now I want to celebrate your fantastic spirit and wonderfully warped sense of humor! I love it! This sounds kind of corny, but your attitude is great medicine for others, too! You just gve a gift to newbies and old-timers as well.

Thanks and may you get the opportunity to leave those dentures on the table! 8)


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I read your post and wept :cry: ! Yes, I did. I think it probably was because I want SO much to be out 4 years from dx and you have given me such hope that I just could not contain myself.

My very heartfelt congrats and wishes for MANY more years. I want to be celebrating 8 years with you in 2009!

So very happy for you!


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