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Tribute to LCSC Survivors


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In reference to the post in the LC Survivors FORUM-

These are the members who have replied to have their photos (or photos of their loved one) added to this Survivors project.

Please review the list. Check for your name and the DX dates and make sure the dates are correct. If you don’t see your name here, you haven’t sent me a PM or e-mail asking me to add you to the survivors photo montage!

It’s not too late. Send me a PM if you want me to use your avatar, or send me an e-mail with your user ID and with a photo attachment and I will add you to this list.

DEADLINE is Wednesday Nov. 9. I won’t make any changes after that date.

Thanks everyone!

Debi DX: 6-03

Kasey DX: 9-04

Jyoung20 DX: 12-04

Dadstimeon DX: 5-02

Andrea DX:11-03

Don Wood DX:10-02

Nushka DX:2-03

Tnmynatt DX: 9-04

Connie B DX:7-95

Donna G DX:12-97

Bunny DX:10-00

Frank Lamb (Need a pic or can use the Avatar?)DX:4-03

Leslie2221 DX:1-05

Kaffie DX:7-04

Maryanne DX: 10-04

Mr. RY DX: 6-02

Karen335- DX: 3-03

Murial K- needs to send me pic DX: 5-03

Alisa DX:6-00

Flacrakr DX:9-04

Jang DX:2-05

Geri DX:11-01

Carleen1 DX:3-03

Pistoltart DX:8-04

Hebbie DX:1-03

Larry DX:5-04

Daggiesmom DX:4-02

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