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I need the "too good to be true" pass


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I'm a little embarrassed about this, but I am leaving Wednesday for a work-related trip. it's a 4-day conference on union pension and welfare benefit funds...in Hawai'i! :shock:

so of course, I added a few days (11 hour flight), which I have to pay for, but the rest is 'covered'. I leave on Wed. and will be back on Thurs. the 17th. I am bringing my laptop, but I don't expect to be on very much...the conference starts Sun., and it'll be just me, the BIG cheese from my office and a few of our biggest clients. Dave can't get out of work so I will be travelling solo. NO CABANA BOYS!

please GOD don't let me run into my boss or my clients in my bathing suit!!!?!?

and I hope I don't find an 'evil taboo' or run into Vincent Price in a cave... :evil:

Maryanne is already making plans to have herself shipped (UPS, of course) over to the Waikiki Beach Marriot, so I'll sign for any of you who want to join her.

seriously, sometimes life is SO HARD...and sometimes it is better than I ever, ever thought it would be. I can't wait!

on the way back, I have an hour in Houston so I will be waving at Katie, Don and Lucie and all the other Texans here from the airport!!


hula bunny

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bunny... seems someone has been watching too many episodes of the Brady Bunch. :shock:

Hawaii is my most favorite place on earth... it's just like nothing else. I'm so jealous!

If you do run into vincent tell him I said HI! The same for greg, marcia, peter, jan.... :wink:


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Wow! I just read your post, so you won't see mine until you get home. I love the line about please don't let your boss or clients see you in your bathing suit! :lol:

Hope the trip was beautiful and you still smell the aroma of tropical flowers in the night air, hear the sound of the surf, and appreciate the price of a can of Dole pineapple rings! :lol: No such thing as "cheap" pineapple in Hawaii, huh?


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I'm just reading this too, but I have to tell you...the last time we were there, guess who we met???? Mrs. Brady!!!! Aka, Florence Henderson! We actually had a nice chat and I took pictures of her and my daughter! She is lovely and so sweet! So, anyway..hopefuly you don't find the tiki and have a GREAT time! I love Hawaii...sigh...


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