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What does LCSC do?


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What does LCSC do?

Some people may think that this is just simply a message board, and that's ok.

But as Lung Cancer Awareness Month is in full swing, I was persuaded to take the time to make this post so that people who don't read this entire website will understand everything that is done here.

Aside from creating and maintaining the website- ALL of its applications, benefits and contents- over 260,000 posts and even more Private Messages in your individual free mailboxes -no individual’s posts are removed or "purged" after any amount of time. You can always go back and follow a cancer journey or read and “get to know” other members.

LCSC supports local hospitals and oncology centers. LCSC purchased and provided materials for hospitals. Not just the ones here, but all over the United States and in England. We sent handouts and notebooks and other educational materials to every organization that requests it (such as Wellness Community, Gilda’s Club, MCMRC, MD Anderson, etc…), University hospitals, Comprehensive cancer centers, oncology centers, local support groups etc...

LCSC supports people by phone. Although we have an invaluable volunteer calling circle of members, LCSC also advertises a phone number for people to call who are in distress, who need support, or who just need someone to talk to. Many of these people are newly diagnosed who "visit" the website, but do not register or who do not have internet access on a daily basis. We provide people with information about what is available in their local communities, get them set up with local support groups and offer countless hours of telephone support weekly. We even connect them with other survivors in their community.

LCSC rallies for awareness. We work with oncologists and oncology nurses at awareness events and conferences. We all do this to raise our voices and to raise awareness about lung cancer- LCSC sends materials and promotional items to OTHER organizations events, events that do not benefit LCSC in anyway, to promote our services of support.

***UPDATED, August 2006.

LCSC still does all these things and MORE!! We are now in association with the LUNGevity Foundation, who is dedicated exclusively to funding lung cancer research for a CURE!!

If you feel like LCSC has helped you in anyway, please donate to the LUNGevity Foundation!!

Click this link to donate now! Or find out how you can help coordinate or volunteer at an event!


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